Countdown ideas


What do you do to countdown the days? My family puts on 50 links and then takes one off each day.


Ah, that’s the best one! I love that. We just cross the days off on the calender. Now I’m wasting time cuz I can’t post for 60 seconds.


You know, I really like that idea! I think we’ll try that this year! Once we get to the 60 day mark, we’ll put up a paper chain! Thanks! :wink:


Now I know what I’m doing tomorrow! Thanks for the great idea. That will really help the kids see how close we’re getting and get them (& me) excited!


At 100 days my daughter went to the calendar and did a count down starting at 100 and counted down to the BIG day!


My DD and I also use the countdown chain. It’s so much fun to make it. We change the colors every 12 days so you have more to look forward to…getting to the next color and eventually getting to the final link.