Countdown ideas


Does anyone have clever ways to countdown the days until Disney that your child can help create and/or that make it easier for them to see how many days until your trip?


How about making a reverse calender? 30, 29, 28… They could ‘X’ off a day every day until you leave. Inexpensive and easy to make and use. Many years ago, I gave my nephew a Christmas calender (had pouches), where he moved a candy cane every day from the first of December until the big day. He loved it.


The calender works great and is pretty inexpensive. My DS3 and I went and got some colorful paper, paint and disney stickers, sat down the day we booked our trip and made the calender. He was able to make it the way he wanted to and then I did the countdown. He enjoyed making the calender and everyday he gets to ‘X’ off everyday and then he ask me how many days left ( sooo cute)!


Chain links. In the past, we used different colors of construction paper to make links with numbers on each one. They can take a link off each day.


Have your kids make a calendar that they can use for countdowns. Get them each a piece of felt and go to your local art supply shop and buy some small velcro squares. They can draw Disney related stuff and glue the velcro on the back of them and use it to mark off the days.