Countdown ignored the change in time


My countdown is now an hour slow. Not a big deal but it appears the system does not observe DST. :laugh: Now if only the rest of the country were as smart.


Wow your trip is so close even with the hour differance lucky you! Have
a fun and safe time:happy:


That’s interesting. I never really look at the hours. I usually don’t have any idea exactly when we are leaving so I just pick a random time.


My DW says I am too schedule conscious. At least she did until she watched Airline and saw all those people missing their flights because they were late. :smile:


I haven’t even noticed


Haha…I didn’t even think about that. :laugh:
I am like timkelmom…i never know exactly when I am leaving so I just insert a random time!


Airline is a hoot! :biggrin:

You should move to an island in the South Pacific. :wub:

We don’t observe daylight savings time. :ph34r:

It’s most refreshing not having to remember fall spring forwards backwards like a Dr. Suess book… :whistling


they moved the week up so perhaps the system does not recognize it because it was not origionally supposed to move for another week- They did this for energy conservation-giving people more possible daylight


We don’t observe it either. So, not changing the time on me just means that theres one place I can look that I don’t have to double check the time and make sure Im not late for something.


I’ve hated it for the last year. We used to have brains in Indiana and leave time alone but we had to keep up with the rest of the country. This whole thing is something that outlived its usefulness.


I guess I’m in the minority. I love that the time has changed, now we have more time to be outside in the evenings. Makes a huge difference in our lives!


Hmm. My countdown is still correct. Maybe I had it wrong the first time. :huh: :happy:


I’m in the minority too. For the same reason.