Countdown is not working :(


Since yesterday I have tried to change my original countdown for Labor Day weekend but once I changed the date it will no longer show up in my signature.

Mickey, or anyone else that knows, can ya lend a helping paw?

Thanks in advance


Hey, I tried to edit you and it’s not working for me. Go back into your user CP and edit the countdown once more. Press save when done…if that doesn’t work, try logging out and in and again. Let me know if either works for you. If not, I’ll pm mickey.


I went in and was able to delete your current countdown, but not add one cause I don’t know the coding on it. Try just redoing it now.


Thank you Dana you RAWK!!!


Dana does ROCK doesn’t she…


It no longer shows up in your countdown because you are no longer going on the trip. I called and changed your reservation over to my name and am taking your trip for you. I know, I know… I should be sainted for taking the burden off of your shoulders but no fear you’ll still get the satisfaction of paying for everything. So, don’t panic, the countdown will soon be added to my signature and you won’t have to worry any longer. :happy: :happy: What a pal King, :heart:.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


ok now that was :laugh:


DVC Members don’t NEED no stinking countdowns. We’re just going home again. :biggrin:

Feels good don’t it!

But I see that Wish has stolen your reservation. I told her she needed more points to start with.