Countdown reqs?


What are the requirements to recieve the countdown access?


What is it, maybe 100 posts and 3 months? You’re close.


And payment of chit chat dues to me. :laugh:

You’ll find it under options on the user CP page and will magically appear when you are deemed worthy. :whistling

Looks like next few days or so and all will be reveiled. Or somtthing like that.


You need to be member for 3 months and have a 100 posys.


Just so excited to get the countdown as this is our first since I’ve been married/had a family trip. And because its a surprise to my daughter I have to keep it on the DL , so mousebuzz is my only time I can talk about Disney lol.:wacko:


It should be popping up any day now!:happy:


Oh shoot I wanted it sooner than that :noo:


Don’t worry you will get there fast. And then have a countdown to tick away the days til your magical trip.


Our next trip is the first week of Oct so no countdown for me :sad: But I will have one for when we plan again! :mickey: I wish I had become a mouse buzzer sooner! This is a great site!