Countdown to LOST!


The last season of LOST is starting in just a few days. Are you guys as excited as we are for it to arrive? My DS is about as hyped up as you can get, and it’s contagious. :smile:

With this being the culmination of years of plot twists and mysteries, there are many things for which we are anxiously waiting to find answers:

[li]what is the island?
[/li][li]what do the numbers mean?
[/li][li]what is the smoke monster?
[/li][li]why are those people there?
[/li][li]will they re-set all the previous seasons?
[/li][li]who the heck is Richard?

Remember to set aside time (or set your DVR) on Tuesday February 2, 2010 at 8:00pm on ABC.

What questions are you waiting to have answered?


I have had a countdown on my computer for months. I can’t wait! So many questions need to be answered. One for me is why doesn’t Richard age?


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m so excited!!


I can’t wait! I’m going to be so mad if they don’t answer all my questions!


I have never seen the show… is it too late to get involved?


This is the final season so don’t start watching it now. Its an extremely confusing show, but I highly recommend it. I would recommend downloading episodes or renting them, starting at the beginning. You’ll be addicted before you know it!


I’ve got to wait till Friday over here to see it and I can’t wait! I just hope they give it a proper ending, not something thats either a) an cop out, or b) confusing as ****!! I’m not sure what kind of ending I expect but I just hope it’s good! If they dare try and play the ‘limbo’ card I think I will have to personally hunt down the writers and beat them with the box sets!


We ‘lost’ Lost after the second season, I think we may have to go back and start again as we really liked it- it just clashed with something we did on the night it was shown.


W’re getting ready too…I think I buy DH some special snacks for tomorrow evening.


Can’t wait for tonight. Still need to catch up on two episodes before tonights. Will do that later today!


I am so excited for tonight!!! I can’t wait!!


Same with us. Now I’m wishing I’d started watching it again when Netflix moved it to “Watch Now”. At this point I think it would take me days to catch up again and I can’t do that with my school schedule. I guess I’ll just DVR it and save it until I catch up on Netflix.:crying:


Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!!!

Can you tell I’m excited?!?!?!?


You can rent the previous seasons on DVD. Get caught up first or you will be confused.


Hey all, been gone awhile - have traded my Disney addiction to a LOST addiction. HAHA

Got the Roku for Christmas and have been watching many episodes per day, but am still not caught up; only on Season 3, episode 9 or 10.

Very frustrating, as far ahead as you people are, and you still have the same questions I do??? This cannot be good. Hope they make sense out of it this year; it is the last season.


I can’t wait for Lost tonight! I have absolutely no idea how they will write this final season, but no doubt it will be incredible.


such an amazing show! can’t wait!


I started watching on the internet on this summer (wanted to see what the fuss was about), made it to part of season four and got pissed that I had no idea what was going on. I still had the same questions that ddoll listed. I was going to go back and watch the rest of the seasons,but it appears I would be no wiser.:pirate:


It was da’ bomb! Tee hee!


It looks like they are going to answer most everything. They already got a good head start with the season opener. Knowing how the writers operate, I doubt there will ever be clear black and white answers for every mystery posed.

Was that fabulous last night, or what? What a great season premiere!! They certainly left me intrigued and hungry for more!

For those of you who fell behind: Season 2 was a slow season for the plot, but if you keep going, you will be glad you did. It’s the most thought provoking (albeit infuriating at times) program I have ever seen.