Countdown to next Disney Vacation


Heyy!!! How do I get a countdown in my signature like all of you guys? lol :confused:


In order to have a countdown you have to have 100 posts and have been a member for 3 months. You’ve been here long enough, you just need a few more posts.


Ohhhhhhhh!!! Alright I’ll keep posting then haha!! Thank you!!!


Keep going - you are almost 1/2 there.


Once we have got to 100 and been on three months where do we go to get the countdown???:huh:


Go to the home page and click on your avatar. When the new page comes up, click on Edit Options on the left. Go to the very bottom of that page and you can put in your information for your countdown. Click save changes and voila! :happy:


Found it! Thanks!!!:laugh::mickey:


I doN,t get it… I have more that 100 posts and been here since 2008… my countdown still isn’t customizable :frowning:

HAHAHHA ! As I was writing this, it was been unlocked ! YAY !!! :happy:


I thought it got bumped to 150? I could be wrong, but that would explain it.


I think it needs like 102… because at 100 and 101 it still was not editable… and now I can edit the countdown :slight_smile:


I know you have been working very hard to get that count down going!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:


Yes I did !!! hahahaha ! But I won’t stop ! :simba: