Countdown - ZERO ....I'm heading out


I sit here at work, watching the last few minutes of my day go by …“See ya’ later, I’m on vacation!!!” I absolutely just love turning on the “Out of the Office Assistant” …it’s the greatest and happiest thing to do.

I leave tonight for my 2 week Disney vacation with my wife and 2 kids (4,6). It has been 1 year and 1 month since our last visit to Orlando. I know I am even more excited than the kids are!

We are driving from Windsor, Ont …so I’m expecting about a 19 hr drive down. It should be interesting …

I just want to thank all of you guys that ‘fill’ this site with such great information, stories and tips. It has been alot of fun reading everyday. This is a fabulous site and I have been recommending it to others.

Thanks to all.

Mickey Mouse - we’re coming to see ya buddy!!!

Yahooooo …I’m on vacation!!!


Have a magical trip!!! Enjoy every minute!!!


YEAH! Have a fabulous time!!!


Have a great trip and be careful driving!


YAY!! You big day is finally here! Have a wonderful time in WDW and drive carefully!


Have a great time! And don’t forget to make a trip report when you get back! We all need our fix!! :cool:


Have a great time Mickey-C!

(Like you need to be told to have a good time. Where does that come from? :wacko: )

Anyway, drive safely (again, do I need to tell you to drive safely? If I didn’t say that would you drive recklessly? :nonono2: I doubt it! :biggrin: )

I’m going to go now. :blush:

Tell us all about your trip when you get back! :flowers: :mickey: :flowers:


Have a wonderful trip! Take notes and please do give us a trip report when you get back.


Have a wonderful time! Drive carefully. And remember - you have a trip report to write when you get home.


Have a fun amd safe trip!


Have a safe and fun trip!


Have a safe drive down and have a magical trip. Cant wait to hear all about it when you get back. TRIP REPORT!!!


Guess you won’t read this for a while, but be safe and have a blast!


Have a great time. Stay away from alligators.

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