Is there a new way to do the countdown?


It’s located in the “edit options” section of User CP.:smile:


I haev tried several times to update my countdown since I added more days to my trip. For some reason, even though I have changed the date, the countdown is still counting down to the old date. What am I doing wrong. I just checked using another countdown software, and I only have 82 days until i leave, but my countdown on here says I have 85. What am I doing wrong?


You are hitting save after changing everything and it’s still not changing it? Try taking the countdown off completely and then redoing it over again. If that doesn’t work, pm mickey and see if he has some suggestions.

For the person who asked how to do it,
go to CP…edit options…scroll down and the countdown is at the end. Enter your dates day, then month and then hit save.


Jeannie -
I just went in and changed mine to see if it was working. I changed my day (first window) to a day earlier and then pressed save changes. It worked for me. Try it again and let me know if it worked for you.