Counter Service at FW?


I can’t seem to find anything indicating FW has a counter service restaurant on-site.

Am I wrong about this? And if I am, does anyone know if the dining plan can be used at it.

We have 2 “rest days” in our trip that are for experiencing FW. I’d prefer not to have to leave the resort to go find lunch.



Cavey, I’m pretty sure Crockett’s Tavern is a counter serve at FW. You might be able to get your typical fare like chicken fingers and pizza. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there, so I can’t say if it’s changed.

Trail’s End is their buffett style restuarant. Breakfast there really stands out IMHO.


Here’s a link to all dining experiences at FW.

As for the dining plan at Crockett’s Tavern, well I’d assume it works the same as any other counter service would.


I am trying REAL hard to remember ANY counter service at Fort Wilderness. I know it’s been awhile but my head can’t conjour up one that has been there since River Country was around.

Ingamba is right, Trail’s End is the BEST fro breakfast but that is NOT a counter service. It’s buffet style.


Crockett’s Tavern is a CS, right isn’t it Wish? I know you’ve been there many more times than I have, you should remember it :tongue:


I absolutely do NOT remember it AT ALL. haha. I remember both Trading Posts where we would buy groceries for the RV, I remember Hoop De Doo of course, and Trail’s End, all the rec. area, etc. but I have NO recelection of “Crocket’s Tavern”, we did do a lot of our “casual dining” in the RV though.

Hey Cavey, what about buying some goodies at the Outpost and having a family picnic in one of the meadows or on the Fort Wilderness little beach area?


I don’t believe FW has CS. Crockett’s is a lounge that serve cocktails,wines,beer, appetizers and light sandwiches. Don’t know about using the dining plan.


Hmmm, I must remember the appetizers and light sandwiches. I knew there was a place there where you could get a lighter meal or snack, but I guess it isn’t a true CS.


hehe, which explains why I had NO CLUE about it… I was TOO YOUNG!!! haha.

Where is it in FW? Now I am dying to remember?

Sorry Cavey. Don’t mean to hijack this thread like a pirate with scurvy :pirate: You understand, FW is very clsoe to my heart!!! :heart:

I STILL like the picnic idea. Or if you want to use a counterservice for that “rest” day, take the short boatride over to the WL and eat at their delicious counter service (Roaring Forks), which has like the BEST chilli EVER!!!


Great idea Wish. But I know that Roaring Forks is undergoing an extensive rehab. Cavey is travelling if February so he might want to check and see when it reopens.


There is a CS at FW its by the boat area, right now I dont remember the name, but its there.


Picnic idea sounds nice. Crockett’s is in the same building as Trails End. It’s on the other side. I think you go past a small arcade.


Cavey, here is the WDW site’s PDF brochure of the locations that accecpt the Dining Plan :mickey: No CS at FW :sad:‘dining%20plan%20locations’