Counter Service at MGM?


OK I think this is my last restaurant question for a while but…

What do you think is the best CS restaurant at MGM?

Thanks a bunch!

Lisa :mickey:


We usually end up at the Commissary. I can’t say that MGM has my favourite counterservice places. Or we just grab something from the Farmer’s Market area.


I like the ABC Commisionary. It’s clean and quiet it you time it right. The service is great and the food is just fine. Try the cuban if you go.


Starring Rolls!!!1


I can’t even remember ever having counter service at MGM. I am drawing a complete blank. I remember having yummy ice cream across from the Fantasmic entrance though. :slight_smile:


We have always like the Backlot Express kind of by the Star Wars ride. It has a basic menu, but we still enjoy it!


I’m with llama on this - I think MGM is definitely lacking when it comes to counter service.
The Commissary is okay and Starring Rolls is good for breakfast - we’re still searching for something great over there! :laugh:


We like the Backlot Express,too. It has your basic menu but the prices are reasonable and they usually have the kids meal in a pencil type box for the kids to take home.


I always end up at Sunset Ranch Market, because there are several different stands, so there is generally something for everyone. Plus I like to eat in the shadow of the Tower of Terror!


MGM is SOOO lacking good counter service restaurants, if I have to pick one it’s the Commissary because their Cuban sandwich is pretty good.


I think Pizza Planet has pretty decent pizza. the kids normally want to go here…


Count my vote for Backlot Express.


Flatbread Grill sounds promising.


The Backlot Express is my favorite CS in the whole WDW. It never really gets busy and the interior design of it really fits with MGM.


I totally agree. The commisary is fine for a quick bite but it would be nice to see something different. They have some cool themes they could go off for CS restaurants at the studios.


Thanks everyone!

Lisa :mickey:


I love the Backlot Express. ABC Commissary is okay. I’ll try the cuban sandwich next time I go.


I agree we almost never eat counter service there. We usually grab something from starring rolls.


Yes! The Cuban Sandwich!!! I really enjoyed it, based on DC reviews. Had one in February, in fact, and I can still remember every bite! And I also, of course, like the TURKEY LEGS on Hollywood Boulevard – in fact, that whole area of counter-service booths and all the picnic tables is pretty fun!


It is an official WDW trip for my family when we have our TURKEY LEGS!!!