Counter Service Desserts


Hi all,

I was wondering if there was anyone who has come back from WDW recently who had used the Dining Plan. When we used the dining plan last fall, we were able to get a “dessert” item at breakfast with our counter service meal in the food court even though the information Disney sent us said there was no dessert item for breakfast counter service.

Anyway, I know that the new 2006 Dining Plan brochure says no dessert at breakfast so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this - are they still giving “dessert” with breakfast at counter service places or have they actually changed it to reflect what is written in the brochure? Thanks!



Sometimes just smiling and asking real nice can get you there.


Towards the end of our trip, we didn’t want the pre-packaged CS desserts.

Now, Nestle Tollhouse Ice Cream Sandwhiches…I would have traded in entire CS meals to get more of those. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!


Can someone please define “dessert” with a CS?


When we were there at christmas they weren’t giving desserts with breakfast, so we stopped using our cs for breakfast!

Erin, they are normally cookies, brownies or cheesecake. Anything that is listed as a dessert on the menu. At sunshine seasons it is anything from the bakery counter yummy!


Those desserts are really good at Sunshine Seasons!!!


Aside from Sunshine Seasons, most of it is pre-packaged stuff that looks delicious, but only tastes so-so.

Now those Toll House Cookie Ice Cream Sandwhiches…starts to drool on keyboard


Thanks, Missy. This is exactly what I wanted to know! I had expected as much but wanted to be sure.

Last fall there was one CM at the check out at POR that would not let us through the line if we had not selected “desserts” with our breakfast. She was so funny - she would send us back yelling “Get a piece of fruit! You’ll eat it later!” Usually we picked a piece of fruit, fruit cup or a bag of chips and saved it for later.


Although it wasn’t breakfast, by far the best counter service desert we had was the chocolate cake at Flame Tree BBQ. It was not prepackaged and all 5 of us felt it was delicious.


We just returned and found the Dining experience awesome for our family… I believe what you are “allowed” to get and what is not “allowed” varies by CM… we made out big time with this program and we were very upfront about what we were doing and no one said we were doing wrong as a matter of fact they encouraged it! We would eat and the girls would share a meal at CS and TS and have PLENTY of food… the only exception to this was at buffets.


I cant’ wait for you to elaborate on this, Bonkers. I want to know more!


Can you clarify this MR? Do you mean that each time the girls shared a TS or CS meal you were able to save a meal credit? I was hoping to be able to do this so that we’ll have enough credits to use for the Luau when we go.