Counter service for Breakfast?


Does any one have any ideas for counter service breaksfast? Because as it is breakfast will be on our dollar for the most part. Thanks.


Are you staying on property? If so, they have some good selections at the resorts.
Or in the parks - The bakery in the MK is great.


yes we are staying at the new orleans. My husband likes his breakfast so that will be a challenge. We will be buying two or three breakfast’s through out the week. Thanks


There are plenty of choices for breakfast at the resorts, from bagels, to cereal, to a full breakfast platter. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding something for everyone to eat.


PO actually has really good CS breakfasts. We also like Captain Hooks in the Polynesian for the Tonga Toast.


No recommendations here, I don’t think we have done a CS breakfast yet. Last trip, we started using our snack credits for muffins, etc, for our breakfast foods.

Prezcatz Paul


At that resort, you’ll get a good counter service breakfast. And of course you can also go over to the Riverside and eat at that place. They both have the usual things like scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, toast, french toast, pancakes…


If you want to get breakfast at Hollywood Studios, I suggest Starring Rolls bakery. Before 11:00 you use to be able to get smoked salmon, capers and cream cheese on a large bagel that was very tasty. I haven’t eaten there in two years so things may have changed. I also think the Starring Rolls sandwiches are the best food you can get in a CS meal at HS although it might not be the wisest use of a dining plan ticket.


Eeyore –
POR has the most phenomenal freshly baked cinnamon rolls, plus their breakfast platters are awesome, and you can evern have some grits (my favorite!).

Also, Boardwalk Bakery is excellent, with delicious coffee, and then you can walk into the International Gateway at EC! Convenient!

At Sunshine Seasons, the restaurant in the bottom of the Land Pavilion, there are terrific croissants, fresh fruit, breakfast sandwiches and great stuff like that. I have to say this place doesn’t always get the credit it deserves… the CMs are very friendly and the food is great.


DH and I accidentally discovered Wolfgang Puck’s Express last year for breakfast. The line at the food court in SSR was way too long so we walked down to DDT and low and behold…one of our new favs. We ate breakfast there twice last year and will be going this year.


Thanks for the suggestions. We are going to have a full breakfast (o of p) at some locations. They are Boatwrights, Captain’s grill maybe (I heard they had crab benedict’s there, but I don’t want crab cakes) I may cancel that one. Kona cafe. for counter service I do have main street bakery and dixie landing. Miss Daisy, Do these cinnamon rolls at por(where we are staying),is it the same place as boatwright’s? We all love big soft messy warm cinnamon rolls here. More suggestions welcomed. Thanks


Boatwright’s is the sit down restaurant at POR which is located next to the counter service restaurant. Dixie Landing is now POR. the breakfast at Boatwright’s is very good!


Crystal Palace has a really great breakfast too. and you get to meet Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet.