Counter service ideas needed!


Hi! We are all set for our adrs for our upcoming September trip, but now I need advice on our counter services. I have 6 to plan for. One will definitely be at Earl of Sandwich, and 1 at Typhoon Lagoon.
What are good choices for the theme parks for counter service? Thanks! :blink:


Our favorites are:

Wolfgang Pucks Express - DTD
Cosmic Rays - MK
Tangerine Cafe - Epcot
Sunshine Season - Epcot
Flame Tree BBQ - AK


How about Columbia Harbor House at MK
Tangerine Cafe in Epcot
Starring Rolls Cafe at HS
Yak & Yeti at AK?


Flame Tree BBQ - AK
Cantina de San Angel - Epcot (Mexico)
Cosmic Rays - MK (great toppings for burgers)


We liked Pecos Bill’s in MK !!


Here are my favorites:

MK: Peco Bills
Ak: Tusker House
Epcot: Toss up between Yorkshire scountry Fish Shop in UK and Cantina de san Angel in Mexico
HS: Lacks of any great food, IMOP, sorry!


Are “go to” places are: Cosmic Rays, Flametree BBQ, Cantina de San Angel, and Tangerine Cafe.

As for HS, we’ve never had any luck with CS.


Flame Tree (AK)
Peco Bills (MK)
Columbia Harbor House (MK)
Cantina de San Angel (Epcot across from Mexico)
Pizza Planet (HS)
[Plus, we ate CS at The Land in Epcot. We thought it was OK. Sorry, can’t recall the name]


Our favorites:
DTD: Wolfgang Pucks Express (Marketplace or Westside)
MK: Columbia Harbor House or Cosmic Rays
AK: Flaming Tree
Epcot: Sunshine Seasons (the Land) & Yorkshire Fish Shop (UK)
HS: no favorites


Here’s our favs:

MK - Columbia Harbor House
Epcot- Liberty Inn
HS - Pizza Planet
AK -Pizzafari


I like Pecos Bill’s anytime and I like the Noodle Terrace during Wishe’s (get there early)


Our top choices are: Casey’s Corner at MK, Fish & Chips place at UK in Epcot, Yak & Yeti at AK and for HS I have yet to find a good counter service spot.


MK - Pecos Bills
EP - Yorkshire County Fish Shoppe
AK - Pizzafari
HS - Studio Catering


pssst. Don’t listen to anyone else. The only place to go for CS in the MK is Pecos Bill’s. At least that’s my .02 on the subject.:wink:


Well here are the ones that we really love
MK El Pirata Y El Perico
Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station
DTD No question Earl of Sandwich
EP Tangerine Cafe
Sunshine Seasons
AK Yak and Yeti


MK- Caseys Corner(don’t feed the ducks), Rays Cosmic, Columbia Harbour House
Ak - Flametree BBQ- A must eat experience- sit down by the lake!!! Order the ribs
Epcot- Imperial Dragon since the restaurant was being remodeled.
HS- Backlot Cafe was not great but was food to fill a space.


Thats a real good one in MK also try Wolfgang puck in Downtown Disney and Flame Tree BBQ in AKL and Backlot Express in Hollywood


wolfgang puck express (west side was our favorite one)

flame tree in AK is the only CS we have eaten at that park, it was good, but we are looking for something else next summer

caseys and pecos bills at MK - we also like cosmic rays

tangerienne cafe and cantina in mexico at epcot. we really, really disliked the fish and chips place in england though. ewwww

we like ABC commissary in HS and pizza planet is ok - we are thinking of trying a new place in HS instead of pizza planet next time though

have fun!!


A few of my favorites are:
MK: Columbia Harbor House or Cosmic Rays (pretty good variety)
Epcot: NONE! There are too many wonderful TS restaurants! But if you must, Sunshine Seasons in the Land is good.
AK: Flame Tree - my all time favorite CS


Our favorites:
DTD: Earl of Sandwich
MK: Columbia Harbor House, Casey Corner or Pecos Bill’s
AK: Flaming Tree
Epcot: Sunshine Seasons (the Land) & Mexico and France bakery
DHS: no favorites