Counter Service Kids Meals


We have the free dining for September. As a result, we are doing all of the character dining (except the princesses), and a Concourse Steak House for lunch. My question is for the counter service. I was wandering what the best Kids Meals are. I know that some of them have different “gimmicks” with them, such as lunch boxes, etc, but what are the best and different ones?:mickey: :mickey:


I know the Polynesian resort and the CBR do a “themed” typed kids meal with a pail or something like that, but am not sure bout the other places. Most of hte parks just have a smaller version of the adult meal…nothing to specatacular.


I remember a few places having fun mickey shaped plates, but that’s really i remember! Sorry I’m not much of a help!


Basically like emamasa said you get a Mickey shaped plate…some of the meals also come with a little bag of Mickey shaped cheese crackers. But it really isn’t anything spectacular. The meals are tasty just not all that themed out.


Yeah, I don’t recall there being anythign too GIMMICKY about kids’ counter service meals… I mean… if you are at a resort that has sand… they might come served in a pail w/a shovel (like at Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach)…but that’s about it…

I choose my c/s meals based on what they have that my kids will actually eat.

Wow! That’s a lot of character meals you have planned! I think I’d be out of my mind if I attended more than 2 in a week… I’d rather eat at some nice restaurants and meet the characters in the parks where they don’t suck up all my time… The food at the character meals is okay–but there are so many better options available! You must really enjoy the characters! Me? I’m all about the food! (Now if they had a Captain Jack Sparrow character meal… I’d be there in a heartbeat!)


You can ask for carrots instead of fries, too. My son is not big on french fries.


my 2 year old only eats pizza and chicken nuggets. that makes it kind of easy…


The reason for the character dining is because we have to sit down somewhere, and why not sit where my son is amused. As far as the time in the restaurants, we would spend that same amount of time somewhere else. We only stay about 1/2 hour - 45 minutes at the character dining. You can spend that or more in a “better” restaurant. Again, everything is free. As far as what my son eats, he does breakfast and then only chicken, ham, pizza. That’s why I am more concerned about the counter service. You can get chicken at most places. I just thought if there was something that looks different, as far as packaging goes, I would be interested.

Thank you for all your help.


Mine is soon to be 4, and he only eats pizza, chicken, and ham. We eat so much chicken that I am waiting on my son to cackle some day. I cannot even get him to eat mac and cheese. The good news is, as long as he thinks it is chicken, he will eat it. When he was 2, we had chicken ham, chicken turkey, chicken sloppy joe, chicken meatloaf. Now that he is older, we still have chicken everything, except ham. We can tell him it is ham. The chicken thing is good also, because he will eat ALL kinds of chicken. We have no problem go to a Chinese restaurant. This is good because at least the chicken tastes different everywhere we go. Thanks for your help.


The best place to get kids meals is in the land @ Epcot. They have so many choices from Chicken to Chinese.


mk has a lot of spots also…


Pumpkin… there is a cool spot (Backlot Express) that is sort of hidden away between Indiana Jones and Star Tours at MGM. They have great kids meals that come in a plastic carry box… Great fun and reusable!


We do CS meals based on what’s at hand when the kids start whining for food (I swear, since when did 3 meals a day become the standard, rather than a suggestion! When I was a kid, we only ate on Tuesday’s–barefoot in the snow.).


Thank you Miss Disney! This is exactly what I am looking for.


thanks ms disney. i will have to go try that out in december when i am there with DS.

dina, remember this place, we will go check it out next weekend…


It has been noted into our plans!!


everyone here is a witness. if we do not go, it is on you…


This is me we are talking about. If I said do, we do!!!


we’ll see. you forget everything when you get down there. and if we do miss it, i will make sure to note that in our TR when we get back…


Cavey: that’s SOOO true! We feel exactly the same. I’m glad you posted that, I was beginning to think I was a bad Mom, (only feeding the family when we are actually hungry) …we also just start looking for lunch, (or a snack, if it’s getting too late) when we get whiny. We often eat a large breakfast which will take us untill at least 1 or 2pm.
Whatever CS happens to be nearby when we need something, that works! Although we aren’t opposed to walking to someplace that we really would like, either.