Counter Service


Got a quick question…
I have made our ADRs for Table Service…

But what about our counter lunches…
Any recommendations…
I got DTD I’ve got DTD and Epcot… thanks to y’all for your posts…
But what about MGM - AK - MK?

The family will eat almost anything…



At MGM, my favorite is ABC Commissionary. It’s nice and quiet and always clean in there. The food is typical fast food, but they have some great alternatives like a noodle bowl and a yummy cuban sandwich with banana chips…I get that one every trip…lol In the MK, any place is fine in my opinion. Fast food is fast food right? I do like Cosmic rays best however.


I like Pecos Bill’s at MK for a good burger, they have a great Fixin’s bar to top off your burger. Colunbia Harbor House is also good, it a nice change from burgers.


AK- Tusker House
MK- Columbia Harbor House (good change of pace from burgers and chicken)
or Casey’s, if you like hot dogs
MGM- ABC Commissary (Dana’s right, good Cuban sandwich)


MK we had a bit of an issue with lunch last time… we gave up on CS as Pirata y el Perico was closed… so we went to Columbia Harbor House in Liberty Square. Although I found a hair in my sandwich, all else was very good!


If you like BBQ, the Flame Tree at AK is a good choice.

At MK we love Pecos Bills.

And ABC Comissionary at MGM.


MK-My kids love Casey’s, great hot dogs (so they tell me) and fries.
MGM- We like Backlot Express and Flatbread Grill, they have some mediterranean inspired dishes that are yummy.
AK- Flame Tree BBQ, the sandwiches look tasty and the fruit plate is great. I love the smell of this place!!!


AK=(tie) Flame Tree BBQ (Ribs) OR Tusker House (rotisserie chicken)

MK=Cosmic Rays (#1 Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwich ANYWHERE!! YUMMY!!!)

MGM=Backlot Express (very good turkey/swiss/roasted red pepper sandwich)


MK= Pecos Bills for the best fixin’ bar for your burgers
AK= pizzafari


Ewwww!!! :blow:


AK - Flame Tree!!! mmmmmmmmm good


Cool… Thanks for the input.
Would love more suggetions.


MK- We love to eat at Columbia Harbor House. It never seems hectic in there to us.
AK- When my DS8 saw that I was making our ADRs, he jumped in that we had to go back to Tusker House. He loves the chicken sandwich there. Our whole family enjoys the food there.
MGM - Not a huge fan, but the kids insist on Toy Store Pizza Planet.


Just found out that we are going to have breakfast with Donald in AK. DH wants to have an 8am breakfast so we can dash off to the safari when the park opens. Is there another place to have breakfast doesn’t have to be character… even though I love Donald


I always have to hit Pecos Bills at MK and Flame Tree BBQ at AK…MGM unfortunatly, has always been a bit of a let down, we always eat at Backlot Express…it’s your normal WDW CS Fare…although I will try ABC this time since I have heard good things


Not that allows you entry to the park before it actually opens…I think you’ll love Donalds though, the food is yummy and the characters are wondermus!


Thanks Cinderbella I appreciate all the great info.
Under 140 days… USASMIG789 is getting superly excitedl.


Echo Flame Tree, best restaurant at AK.


Pecos Bills good value at MK for burgers. If you’re on the DDP, however, you can make out like a bandit at Cosmic Rays where the menu is large and you can rack up $18-20 on lunch (rotisserie chicken!).


MK - Pecos Bill & Casey’s
AK - Tusker House & Flame Tree
EPCOT - Tangerine Cafe!

Those are my favorites but there are so many good places. :mickey: