Counter services?


I need to know what you all suggest as good counter service restaurants in MK,AK,EC. We are on the dinning plan this Nov. and I need to know what counter service you would suggest for those parks. I did not mention HS cause I don’t think there is one I would like but feel free to post one if it is good.


Here is what we like:

MK - Pecos Bill, Cosmic Rays, Columbia Harbor House


Epcot - Sunshine Seasons in the Land Pavilion or ANY of the countries that strike your fancy

DHS - ABC Commissary


here are the ones I like

MK - Peco Bills , Columbia house , Cosmic rays
AK - Flame tree or Pizzasafari ( Havent tried Yak and Yeti yet … )
DHS - sorry but dont like eating counter service here …
Epcot -Sunshine seasons fair , Mexican cantina , Englands counter service, Morrocan counter service , Japan and Chinas counter service …

DTD Earl of Sandwhich or Wolfgang pucks

POP Century …


Like with most things, you will probably get 100 conflicting opinions, as it’s all preference. But for us, we certainly have our favorites.

Magic Kingdom- Peco’s Bill (for burgers- their toppings bar is the best) and Columbia Harbour House (good when you are in the mood for something different)

Epcot - We love the food court in The Land. It has such a wide variety of options you can mix and match your own meal. The only thing to watch here is how they will charge items to your dining plan. The plan covers a main dish, side item, drink and dessert. At a food court, you can end up with more side items than what they cover. It’s WELL worth it though!

We aren’t big fans of Animal Kingdom, so I don’t have as much knowledge there.

Good luck on your plans! Hope your trip is awesome!


Animal Kingdom: Pizzafari for breakfast!! Delicious!!
Epcot: Seasons in the Land
Magic Kingdom: Not really thrilled with CS there, but I would say The Noodle Station if it is open and for something other than Burgers and Fries. They have great egg rolls.
DHS: Never eaten CS there.


our fav’s are…

MK - Caseys, pecos bills, cosmic rays

EPCOT - Cantina San Angel, the morocco counter service (I can’t remember the name)

AK - Flame Tree is the only place we have eaten here. It’s ok, but we are looking for something else next trip

HS - ABC commissary is good (I like the cuban, DH and DD’s love the fish)

DTD - wolfgang puck express, Earl of sandwich

also, if you can get there, Pepper Market in Coronado springs was good - a great deal on the dining plan for a counter service! we went there for lunch on AK day, but unless you are driving, it takes a lot of time to get there and back. good though!

I’d take a look at some resorts for lunch that are near where you are going to be for the day if none of the counter service places at the park sound good.


Right now I think our plans will be eating our CS credits in the parks. I am not real sure but thats the plan for now. I am sure as it gets closer we will get down to some real planning on where we will be. Pescos seems popular here on MB,so I checked their menu and it sounds yummy. I have been to Columbia Harbour house some time ago and was good. I was wanting to try something different but that one is certainly an option.


Wolfgang Puck at DTD is so awsome. I love it there. The cafe at Morroco(don’t remember the name) is one we have our eye on also.


It’s called Tangierine Cafe. We’ve never eaten there but plan to on our next trip… it looks yummy!!!


I actuall went in there and got a side of couscous and tabuleh and it was yummy. So, I am thinking a nice lunch sounds great.


It’s absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend it. Also, Flame Tree at AK is pretty good. Other than that, I can’t remember anything else standing out. :blush:


Don’t have a favorite in any of the parks other than MK. I LOVE Pecos Bill in MK. I had to go there when I was there last and get a chili cheese burger (which my daughter ate most of).


MK- village Haus and Cosmic Rays
Epcot -CS in Mexico, England and Germany
AK-Flame tree
DH Pizza planet- if we eat CS there


You can’t go wrong with the Tangierine Cafe! :wub: :wub: :wub:


MK - Pecos Bills

AK - Flame Tree

EC - Harry Ramsens Fish & Chips

If you get to DTD try earl of Sandwich. It is awesome!


A general consensus seems to be Cosmic Ray’s and Columbia Harbour House in MK and
Sunshine Seasons in Epcot.
My problem with Flame Tree, the one thing that’s kept me from ever eating there is no air conditioned dining area. I think I’m going to have the same issue with Yak and Yeti’s CS.
I think none of the CS locations in AK is air conditioned since they turned Tusker House into a full time buffet.
As for DHS, nothing really gets my motor running in the CS category.
As for pizza, I’m really picky about pizza, and Disney doesn’t make the grade for me.

Oh yeah, if you’re considering DTD, I’d recommend Wolfgang Puck Express in the Marketplace section or the CS section of the WPCafe in the West Side.


Our favorites are:

MK - Cosmic Rays (GREAT value on the Dining Plan!) and Pecos Bills. I’d love to try something different, though!

AK - Flame Tree is good, but I’m thinking we will try Yak & Yeti CS in November

Epcot - Sunshine Seasons is GREAT!!! We also LOVE Cantina de San Angel. They have such delicious Mexican Salads…YUM! And who can forget those tri colored Margaritas? OLE!

HS - I am REALLY disappointed in HS CS offerings. But I think the Commissary has decent options.

DTD - EARL OF SANDWICH!!! And I really would like to try Wolfgang Puck Express this next trip, too!



Here are some of our favorites:

MK - Cosmic Rays & Columbia Harbour House
AK - Flame Tree & Yak & Yeti
Epcot - Tangerine Cafe & Sunshine Seasons
DHS - None
DTD - Wolfgang Pucks Express (our favorite):wub:


mk - el pirata y il perico (when it is open)
ec - mexico, morocco, or uk
dhs - pizza planet
ak - pizzafari


[QUOTE=mickeymotto;856468]Here are some of our favorites:

MK - Cosmic Rays & Columbia Harbour House
AK - Flame Tree & Yak & Yeti
Epcot - Tangerine Cafe & Sunshine Seasons
DHS - None
DTD - Wolfgang Pucks Express (our favorite):wub:[/QUOTE]

See, I was right (hurts shoulder patting self on back):crying:

We are starting to see a general consensus emerging.