Counting Down


I’m so excited. I’m doing the Disney Count Down Dance! 36 days to go!


I am so jealous!!! 88 for me… Congrats!!!


Congrats! I’m headed back next week and HOPING Hanna doesn’t keep us from boarding the plane…


Congrats, Brebre!! 36 days is not alot!!


your all making me jealous as it’s way too long for us


Me too, me too! We’ll be in FL next week and WDW on the 13th. YAY!


:ohmy:97 looong days for us!! Have a great trip and report back on anything new please! Wish we were there:heart:


I am nervous. We have 14 days to go. With all these hurricanes it makes me wonder what is in store for us. We are driving from Fort Worth, TX. I am thinking I better take the route far from the coast. Hopefully everything will have calmed down by then. It is strange to worry about your vacation when there are real people who are being really affected by these storms.


Yes, it is strange to speak of our vacations when a hurricane just hit New Orleans. But, we made our plans before the hurricane existed. We have our eyes on Hanna now. Plus, there is another tropical depression out there. My goodness!


Congratulations! With your post I just realized that I’ve gone from 80’s dancing to 70’s dancing!!