Country bears refurb


After a few years of neglect, the Country Bear Jamboree attraction at the Magic Kingdom will be receiving some substantial updates during a planned refurbishment to take place between September 28 and October 31, 2008. Among the upgrades coming to the attraction, is an entirely new audio sound system that should make fans of the attraction quite happy, seeing as though the audio quality for the show has been pretty bad in recent memory. There will also be some other general maintenance to occur throughout the attraction, but no major changes are scheduled to occur during this time.


cool beans


oh, I’m so glad to hear this!


Great to hear!
Durring my last trip my sister was realy scared from this show :laugh: But yeah, great to see the Country Bears getting a lil’ attention :happy:


Yay for the bears!


Glad to hear that this is going to get some attention. Maybe now they will bring back the Holiday country bears show. The last few years I have been getting different stories as to why they were not doing it any more.


i heard next year they are thinking of bringing it back. i have never seen it, but i heard it was pretty good.


That is such great news. We were thinking the last time that we saw this the audio was really bad.


I am so glad to hear this. DH and I noticed how bad it needed it while we were there last week. Also, they really need to enforce the “NO Flash Photograhy”, there were 3 women in front us all using their cameras… :blink: Really bothered us…:mad:


The Bears are such a classic! We don’t see them every visit, but I’m glad they’re getting an upgrade!


Chris, where did you see this announced? I haven’t seen it around yet. I want to email the link.


here you go - this is a great site, and has a lot of good information:

Some Beary Good News | WDW News Today


Thanks, DW loves the show and keeps saying it is time to upgrade.

Thanks again.


It’s about time they get an update.


I’m glad they’re getting some love. :heart: I’m a fan!

If only they’d rotate the “Vacation Hoedown” with the original show and the Christmas show. Then it would be perfect.


Great News!

We watch the movie (doesn’t look much like the attraction bears) all the time. I knda wish they would take from the movie and integrate back into the attraction like they did with POC.


Thank you! :biggrin:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I think I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I:heart: your sense of humor.


I am glad that it will be open when I am there… my parents have never seen it


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