Couple finds out they were at WDW at the same time 20 years before they met


Ran across this story recently in my feed reader. Very magical! :wub:

Disney Photo Captured Married Couple on Film 15 Years Before They Met


What a cool story…The Phrase “It’s A Small World” fits perfectly.


Ahh…should’ve used that as the title of the post! :slight_smile:


Destine - fate - they were meant to be together :wub::heart::wub::heart::wub:


That is terrific! I love it!


That is so cool! :wub:

Let’s all sing together now . . .

It’s a small world after all . . . .:happy:


When we were at Disney a few weeks ago… This story was on the local news. it was sooo cute. I mean what are the chances?


I know! Can you imagine just looking through photos a week before your wedding - probably ones you’ve seen many times over the years - and then having your fiancé tell you, “wait a minute - that’s me in the background!”?? Just unbelievable. Especially since they weren’t even from the same country/area.