Couple of questions...having cold feet


Geez, we are getting down to nearly full paid on our 4 day cruise. Its been since March that we have been to WDW and beginning to get the fever for “The World”. I am so clueless to the cruise…here are a few questions.

  1. Dining - can we eat at certain places like anytime, as much as we desire.
  2. Dining Again - if we upscale a meal for the wife and I…where do we go?
  3. What do you do all day and night? I am Adult ADD and getting a little worried.

In the end, I just don’t know what to expect. I want to go to WDW for 3 days after the cruise but I am just not sure I can manage it $$$ wise. Just getting worried I will be on the ship wishing I was at WDW…or worse my kids feeling that way and letting me constantly know it.


There is ALMOST someplace to eat round the clock. In the main dining rooms (3) you are assigned either 1st or 2nd seating so you are scheduled for dinner at 6 or 8. Buffett is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Other quick serve locations are open on the pool deck with sandwiches, burgers, dogs, pizza, and ice cream.

Adult dining is Palo (northern Italian) or Remy (French) on Dream/Fantasy and Palo on Wonder/Magic. $25 pp upcharge at Palo and $75 pp at Remy.

Sea days are full of things to do, most of which are free including tours, games and movies and shows. Others like wine tastings have a small charge.

Here is link to a cruise site that has copies of Navigators from recent cruises. You will get these every day. Use them. Platinum Castaway Club Disney Cruise Line Information


we are on the Disney Dream. Just worried the kids will get bored. I can handle it if it turns out not what I expected but I just want my kids to have a good time. How “Disney” is it…the more the better. My kids LOVE all things Disney and the feel. We are going on this cruise for several reasons.

  1. Do Something Different
  2. See New Places
  3. Maybe “chill” time for the wife and I
  4. My 12 yr old is at an age that he wants some freedom and that is just not something we can freely give too much at WDW. We thought this might give him an hour or two on his own every day.



Just think- have you ever heard of anyone say their kids were bored on a Disney cruise? I think they will be fine… Relax, everyone says they are great.


yeah…I know and now cue the common quote “but you don’t know my kids”

but yes I think we will have a blast. We ALL have just put the hours in at WDW and we KNOW it so well and KNOW how to make every second count there. Its just knew and I know nothing, besides when to board at this point.


Hang in there- I am sure it will be fine… I have never been on one, and I am truly confident it will be fabulous!.. If not, just use it as a chance to relax. Have fun!


It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed when you haven’t been on a cruise. It seems like there are a million questions and it’s confusing - but once you get on board you’ll start to realize “hey - this is so easy”. Everything will be clearly explained. Each day you will receive a newsletter listing all the activities, entertainment, etc. for the day. There won’t be enough hours in the day to do it all. As for whether your kids are going to like it - well, only you know your kids. There’s certainly enough to keep them busy, whether they join the clubs or not. If you are planning on dining at Palo’s/Remy’s, don’t leave it until the last night. By that time you will be so stuffed with food that you won’t be able to really enjoy it.