Couple of quick questions?


Ok not really sure where this one goes but here we go. Just wanted to know how you guys get the countdowns up there on your post??!! Want to get that one taken care of before we leave.

Second, this is my first post so thanks and hope that I can have some great pics for you when we get back. Leaving this Friday (5am from Iowa) to Beach Club Resort for 9 days!! Woo hooo!! Kind of a bummer I didn’t find this site until now! But thanks for having me…and hope I can spread some fun around!!


Welcome to DC hapgroup1! Just click on this link, it’ll help ya’!


Ok test run…lol. Thanks for the info.


Yay! You did it! :cool:

Welcome to DC! Have a great trip! We’d love to hear all about it! :wub:


Some days are better than others!!! We are looking forward to the trip. My wife has never been to Florida more or less WDW!!! My son is 9 and has never been there as well as my 2 year old daughter, and it’s been about 15 years for me!!!


I hope you and your family have a wonderful trip, and welcome to DC!


TY, you have fun on yours too!! We are both heading to better weather getting out of the Midwest…got to love that!!


Oh, your family is in for a big treat! Disney has changed SO much since you’ve been there! And y’all are staying at a wonderful resort with an awesome pool! Have fun!


Should be a pretty good time. Thank you!!


We LOVE pictures!


Welcome!!! Have a great trip!!


Welcome to DC and have a great trip!


AND trip reports!

Welcome to DC! We’re a real friendly (albeit somewhat Disney-obsessed) bunch and we’d love it if you’d give us all the details when you return. You’re going to LOVE the Beach Club! Have fun!


Welcome to DC, we can help you with any Disney withdrawl when you get home. But till then, have an awesome trip.


Welcome to DC hapg1! Glad to have you aboard! Be sure to take lots of notes and pictures for all us here. Staying at home. Waiting to go back to Disney. We’re not bitter. Much. LOL!!! Have a magical time!


A most DC welcome!


Welcome to DC!


You’re welcome! :happy:

Glad it worked for you!


Welcome to DC!

and Don’t forget the trip report!. I like to read them with my morning cup of coffee