Couponing to Disney


I just traveled around the internet and through some Disney blogs and this one
Couponing to Disney caught my eye.

This woman has made saving for a trip to Disney her "life’s work"
I hope you enjoy :happy:


Hmmm… isn’t it wild how some people are so obsessed with Disney? Anybody around here know a Disney freak? :stuck_out_tongue:


Whatever do you mean? :laugh:


That’s interesting. I’m always interested in saving a buck. Thanks Dopester!


Isn’t this what we all do in some form or another?
Save a buck or two here and there and put it in our Disney fund?


Ooooo! Thanks for posting this! I’m at work right now, but when I get home I’m going to be all over this blog. I LOVE to save $$$!:happy:


I try - but then I forget the coupons at home.:huh:


Hey Dopester - your post is now a part of her site. You’re famous!


That’ s my problem too. I have these good intentions and then I act like I am Mrs. Fooffooffnick who doesn’t need to save :pinch:


yay! me famous… I have to go and see


Wow…she’s REALLY dedicated…good for her.:heart:


:laugh:That’s what I been doing for years its budget save enjoy!


My problem with coupons is I always find stuff I don’t really need and then I buy it because I have a coupon, so technically couponing cost me money.


Amen to that! Coupons are no good to me either…now if they started printing coupons for fresh fruits and vegetables instead of all that processed junk I’d use them.


That is what I have been trying to do with coupons this year. set a goal of $1500 to save using coupons but only coupons for items that we do use or can use to feed the kids in the daycare. out typical food bill will run us about 12k a year when the daycare is at 70% capacity or higher. but it does take a lot of time an dedication to do it right that is where we have been coming up short. to little time.