Coupons for Fulton Crab House


Does anybody know how I can save some money eating dinner at the Fulton Crab House? Any links known for dinner coupons?

I have found a coupon for 20% off lunch, but that ends at 3:00 pm and I can’t get over there in time.

Thank you kindly for your time!:mickey:


Sorry, can’t help you with this one. I will not say that they do not exist, but I have never seen one for dinner.


The only discounts I’m aware of are for WDW passholders and DVC members.


Are you looking to eat at Fulton’s or are you looking for a good crab meal? If you love crabs, you might want to consider eating at Joe’s Crab Shack. It’s off property, but not very far. It’s a fun atmosphere and the prices are so much cheaper than at Fulton’s.

Here’s a menu for Joe’s… Joe’s Crab Shack Menu


How far is Joe’s from, oh let’s say POR or DTD?


It’s about a mile (maybe less) from Downtown Disney. You go down the road that runs in front of the Good Neighbor hotels - I think it’s called Hotel Plaza Blvd. Take it to the end (you can see the Crossroads shopping center across the street) and turn left. Joe’s is a few blocks down on the left.