CP on MNSSHP day... lunch or dinner?


I’m so torn on what time to eat on MNSSHP day. I intend to spend the morning in MK then back to the room after lunch to rest and get ready to head back for the party. Should we eat lunch at CP or eat dinner at CP in our costumes? I’m a little nervous about DD and DS eating in their costumes but I think it would be alot of fun. Just not sure which way to go. Which would you do? I’ll of course discuss with the group but just curious as to what you think. I MAKE ADRs MONDAY MAY 2, YEA!


We always take dinner in our costumes- its a whole lot of fun seeing everyone else too. We found we had time to spare to eat dinner and see the Boo to You Parade.


We have reservations at CP for 5:00 on the day that I hope will be our MNSSHP day (days haven’t been officially announced yet, have they?). I’m sure we will eat in our costumes, we will slip Madalynn’s dress on over her clothes AFTER she eats LOL! I’m still not sure if we will go all out with costumes or just wear Halloween Tees and a hat… Madalynn will be her fav princess most likely.


We also do dinner on our party night and try to make our ressies around 5 or 5:30. When Liberty Tree had characters, they would come out dressed up for the Halloween party and was pretty cool to see.


We took early dinner in our costumes it worked out well and we did not miss a thing.

I was dressed as the devil - when they asked my name at the reservation desk I said Lucifer - she of course could not find it then she realized and laughed and called the other staff. Good fun :heart:


Crystal Palace is generally never open during hard ticket events.
The park officially closes at 7 PM, as does Crystal Palace.

Those are the facts. The rest is up to you.


We eat dinner early so I would have no problem eating at 4:30-5:00 which would give us time before they close. So I think we will do dinner in our costumes! I wish Liberty Tree would go back to character meals, even if it was just during the MNSSHP nights.


I think you should have lunch there on your way out of the park. Just grab whatever while at the MNSSHP.


There is little difference between lunch and dinner except a few more sliced meat selections and price. The real question is what time do they switch from lunch to dinner. I would guess that would be 4 PM.

Almost always, if we haven’t eaten dinner at 6, we wind up at Cosmic Ray’s because it is open and it’s better and less costly than Tony’s.


I’d do lunch & eat dinner at a CS like Cosmic Ray’s - there is a dance party inside during the party! If you do dinner, go for a 5pm adr time if you can so you have the whole party time for the party!


In 2009 we ate at the CP the night we went to the MNSSHP. Kids, DH, and I all wore our costumes, and we had a great time. The characters were also in costume. Our ADR was for 5:50 and that was great. The festivities do not officially begin until 7 but when we got out of dinner we found Lilo and Stitch in costume taking photos right at the entrance to Adventureland.

I am sure you will have a great time no matter what, but I would recommend dinner. You can go back to the hotel, relax, and come back and enjoy the evening refreshed.


You can enter the MK for MNSSHP at 4 PM just in case you didn’t know and no one mentioned that.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1073791]Crystal Palace is generally never open during hard ticket events.
The park officially closes at 7 PM, as does Crystal Palace.

Those are the facts. The rest is up to you.[/QUOTE]

Yep, that’s true. We usually just take a late dinner seating at the CP on party nights. Works for us.


Well, after talking with my parents over the weekend I found out my mom is going as Mrs. Potts and that costume is not conducive to sitting at a meal. SO we’ve decided to do no meal that day and do a 2 TS credit, like Hoop De Doo another night.


Yes, that costume will never work at a sit-down meal. Your plan works out best and you will get to do HDDR, so that’s a treat in itself.


Very cool! Is Chip going?


We are eating at 'Ohana’s the night that we plan on going to MNSSHP. I have a reservation for 5:00pm and then we plan on jumping on the monorail and heading to MK! I’m going to have the girls dressed up during dinner also.