CP or CM's for breakfast?


Which is better? Do they pretty much serve the same thing? We have never ate at Crystal Palace. We have done Chef Mickey’s and have enjoyed it. Would love to have y’alls opinions. Thanks…


We have had breakfast at the Polynesian, Ohana Character Breakfast. It is an all you can eat with great food. My son enjoys their fruit juice so much they will bring him a craft of it. They serve Mickey waffels, eggs, sausage, etc. We have never had breakfast at the other places but I’m sure they are all good.


It’s all buffet food so there isn’t going to be a huge difference. Which characters are you and your family more interested in? To me that’s more important.


cp is winnie the pooh and friend… good breakfast … large and bright good time for the kids and grownups too. we eat there every time we go… we also love ohanas… good food lilo and stitch we love it we haven’t been to chef mickeys yet… we are going back to cp and ohanas this time.


If you’ve done CM, I would give CP a go . . . Ohana’s is one of our favs though! Good food, fun characters!


I agree; if you’ve already been to Chef Mickey then I would give Crystal Palace a try. I’ve been to both and the food choices are basically the same. What I like about CP is if you get an early ADR then you can get early entry into MK and get some wonderful pictures on Main Street in front of the castle without the crowds!!


Another thing to consider is are you going to MK that day, and if you werent planning on it do you have park hoppers? Park admission is required for CP and not required for CM.

I have never had breakfast at CM but have enjoyed breakfast at CP and will be going there on my birthday this may for breakfast too.


I LOVE CP for breakfast. Get the first seating at 8:05am on a non EMH day. You will have enough time to eat, see every character and be at the rope before it drops…

their breakfast is awesome in my opinion. LOVE the cheese potatoes!


We have been to both and CP is my favorite. I like CM but to me the food at CP is much better.


I was pleasantly surprised when I dined at CP on Sunday. The food was great, the atmosphere was great and we were completed finished and paid and walking out before rope drop!! We had the 805 ADR and it was great! I would go back- plus, you are already in the park!


Oh yeah, being in the park already, is a nice plus.


We’ve eaten at both and enjoyed both very much. I personally enjoyed CP because you are already in the park and it is beautiful with all the windows. If you get a good seat by a window facing the castle, you will find yourself just staring at it.


I have only eaten at CM and Ohana. But I agree, if you have eaten at CM, then I would try another place. I have heard great things about CP, but there are also others to try as well. Most of the Deluxe Resorts have really nice breakfasts as well…Ohana at Poly and 1900 Park Fare at GF…just to name a couple. On our next trip in Sept. we are going to try 1900 Park Fare at the GF, and so looking forward to it.


Thanks everyone! I had completely forgotten about Ohana’s Character breakfast. I will check with my kids. I am leaning more towards CP than CM’s. We may do both, since we are going to be there a week! Yay!


I think CP has a better selection than CM, but both are good ways to start the day.
CM is much harder to get reservations for though.
As for 'Ohana, I don’t care for it very much because the menu is so limited compared to buffets and also because it is family style service, which again, I prefer a buffet.
Here is a second vote for 1900 Park Fare’s breakfast.