CP or Internship after graduation?


I’m thinking about going to a College Program Info Session on campus coming up soon… I just wanted to see if I could get this question answered before I go to see if I’d even be able to participate in the CP.

I’ll be graduating in May, and then either going on to grad school or possibly going for a second bachelors degree - I haven’t figured out what would be best for my future plans yet. Either way, would I even be able to do the CP or get an internship if I have graduated undergrad once already?

I know you can still do the CP immediately after you graduate undergrad IF you applied before you graduated… But I wouldn’t be doing it after my first graduation. I would be continuing in school and THEN doing it. Could I do the CP or an internship after I graduate a second time?

Thanks in advance. :happy:


As long as your currently enrolled in school when you apply then you can do it. Multiple degrees isn’t a problem, it’s probably a bonus in getting a great role. You can be in enrolled in just one class, you just have to currently be a student.


Thank you, vlogilvie! Then I’ll definitely be attending the info session. :happy:

One more question, if I could… to you or anyone else who may know…

Do you know if there are any kinds of internships for someone who will graduate with a degree in anthropology? Kind of a random major to pair with Disney… but it covers a wide variety of jobs and fields, so I thought I might be able to find some aspect of Disney that could use me. :happy: So far I’ve had experience with curatorial type jobs, working in museums and things like that, educational programs, research, etc… anthropology also studies different cultures as well as a limited amount of animal science… I tried to look on Disney’s website, and I saw they mentioned Research & Development (which I think might go best with anthro) listed as an Internship Field, but I couldn’t find anything like that on their list of Roles.
Fields: Disney Professional Internships - Walt Disney World Resort
Roles: Disney Professional Internships - Walt Disney World Resort

Any suggestions for how I could fit in to an internship with this kind of background?

I may be trying to squeeze myself into something that’s just not going to work out… but darn it, I’m going to try hard. :laugh: