CR SOLD OUT first week of November?


I was on WDW online the other day again pricing resorts… :whistling:
(I have a serious problem here)
I will go on the site and start pricing other Hotels for the week Iam going, to see if any deals came out or the prices went down on 1 of the Deluxe hotels Iam Jonesing to stay at! :angel:

Well, for the longest time, even months ago, I would pick the CR to see how much it would be to stay there and the computer always gives me another resort instead of the CR! :huh:
Does this mean the resort is SOLD OUT that week???
Or are they still rennovating???

I REALLY want to stay at the Poly. but I know the CR is a little less expensive so I wanted to see the difference in price but it’s a no go.
They let you select the hotel from the list but after that, they give you a different hotel w/the price for the package…???

I was wondering if anybody knows whats going on with the CR.
Also why doesnt the website allow you to price anthing for 2007???
Us OCDers need to plan ahead!!! :angel:


Don’t know about CR, but I would call instead of relying on the online availability. Could be b/c of renovations though.

I do know however (because I called Central Reservations today) that the package prices for 2007 aren’t available until mid-June so that’s why they’re not shown online.

Have fun planning!


I was trying to avoid the phone call since it’s not a dire emergency.
however, I was going to alert my trvl agt to let me know if any deals come out with the CR or Poly.
I also thought the rennovations would be done by Nov… weird…

They make us wait to JUNE for 2007 prices??? Sheesh!
What’s a OCDer to do? :angel:
(I was thinking of going again April 2007, that’s why I thought I check it out to get an idea on prices)


After checking it looks like the 9th thru the 12th of Nov 2006 are booked up at the Contemporary. There are a good many rooms available both before and after those dates. Must be a convention there for that weekend. :smile:

But I would keep checking…they may have some people cancel or not pay in full by the 45 days out. :wink:


Why thank you! :wink:


You are very Welcome :wink: :smile:


HEy R2G, That weekend is Super Soap Weekend.
Do you think the Soap stars will be staying there, at CR???
I mean, I dont know where they ‘normally’ stay, and Iam staying throughout that weekend just to attend the event at DS.

If this is true, I REALLY need to stay at CR!



Already booked huh… We’re staying at SOG and going there for that reason. This is gonna be pure madness from I can tell. Can anyone share their Suprt Soap experiences?? My cousin is a die hard fan and that’s who I’m going with.


I personally can not wait to meet some of those hotties, oops, I mean err Soap Stars! :tongue:
My DD wants to meet “Babe” and “Bianca” from AMC.


Maybe there is an SSS (Soap Stars Stalkers) group discount?? :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:


It seems like I heard the stars stay at Boardwalk due to its closeness to MGM and of course because it is a fancy resort.


Stalker??? I see no stalkers here!
:tongue: :tongue: :tongue:



LOL…Im not stalker!


In the words of Chicken Little

“what are we talking about again?”




In Oct, 2004, I had planned to stay in the tower at the Contemporary. All that was available were wing suites at a couple thousand a day. I did what I had to, reserved at the Poly. Then about two weeks out, tower club opened up and I was able to switch, plus made it a surprise to my wife. But towards the end of October every year, there’s a PGA event that ties up lots of the deluxe rooms all over WDW.