Cranium Command & Body Wars


Why is the pavilion that houses these attractions closed so much? We have been to EPCOT 3 times and have not seen these yet.

Anyone know if it will be open Labor Day weekend?


I believe it is due to the fact that the pavillion has lost sponsership.

Two of my favorite attractions and I won’t be albe to see them :mad:



RedBear… if you’ve got carp in you to begin with, you really need to see a doctor! :laugh:

I’ve never seen Timekeeper and I’m really bummed about that. Next time I’m going is mid-December, so there’s little to no chance that it’ll be open then either. :mad:


Never been open when we were there either. I would have liked to see, but have no hope sob


I saw them in 2000…sooo cute!


If you are missing out on Body WArs, go to Star Tours instead… same ride, different theme. It’s really great!


I will never do Body Wars again…ugh it made me and DH SO sick! Star tours didn’t though!


I agree I kinda thought it was icky too!! Star tours is much better!! I did love Crainum Command tho!!!


:mellow: What a jip man, as soon as a sponsor pulls out Disney decides that whatever attraction it might be is not worth funding on their own. Granted, Wonders of Life was not one of my favorites but I still miss it and the greater issue is the question of where does it end? Pretty soon, everything will be seasonal or only open if someone is willing to pony up the money. Is’nt that what we are paying for? Maybe Mr. E and company need to get back to basics and start funding the things that got them where they are to begin with! Just my 2 cents.


:biggrin: I just realized that this was my first post and it was kind of a rant! Sorry about that guys! :mickey:


Welcome to DC!

Ranting is allowed, just no picking on people. :wink:


I guess things have changed. We were there the first week of Feb. 2002 & the week before the week of Thanksgiving 2002 and the Timekeeper was open and so was the Wonders of Life Pavalion. I don’t care for the the Woners of Life. For me, most of it is boring. Body Wars made me sick. Cranium Command is cute. The Making of Me movie…well…sure started alot of questions I wasn’t prepared to answer while waiting to ride Ellen’s Energy…‘Look at the dino trying to eat the lady!’…you know what I mean. That whole pavalion needs a major overhaul.


We were there in May and were told that it was becoming a seasonal attraction. What exactly do they mean by seasonal? I am guessing peak season is seasonal.

I don’t think we would have gone in anyway. My DH and I got pretty sick on it the first time we went, the year it opened. My DS probably would have liked some of it.

As for Timekeeper, we forgot all about it. Don’t even know if it was open or not. COP was open though and we got to enjoy that.