Crazy ME question


So I just booked ME and was wondering about extra pound bag charge.

Here is my question~

Disney said that they will get our luggage at the resort and take to MCO on the way home and we dont have to worry about it. Well what if it is overweight? How will we know and pay for it???


You have to take your luggage with you unless you are flying an airline that allows you to check in at your resort. They weigh the backage right there just like if you were at the airport. If your airline doesn’t participate, you have to take your luggage with you on your trip back to the airport.


When we flew Delta last year, we went to the ME desk at the Beach Club to check in our luggage. They have a scale there. The CM weighed the bags and 1 was over, so DH offered to take the bag back and move some stuff to another bag. The CM said not to worry about it and let it go and didn’t charge us.

I’m not sure if that is the norm. But you will know when you check in at the ME desk if your bag is overweight b/c they have a scale there.


Oh, and we didn’t have to take our luggage to the airport, they took it there for us. That was great!!!


Im on SWA so Im not sure if they are a participating airline


For SW you can check in and get your boarding passes printed, but then you do have to handle your own luggage. I’m surprised that they aren’t fully participating though!


They aren’t, you’ll just have to take your luggage with you under the bus. We’ve done it several times and it’s easy, someone will load your luggage on the bus and there’s usually several sky caps waiting as you get off the bus at the airport to help you with your bags if you need it.


Will they pick it up from the airport and take it to POP


Yes, when you arrive it doesn’t matter which carrier you fly in on, it only matters when you leave.


Yes, as long as you have your ME tags on all your bags.


Thanks all!!!