Crazy Rental Idea


This is the 9th year I will be taking a group to WDW. We usually stay at a value or a moderate. I am a DVC member. I know that it is probably WAY too late for this year, but what do you think the possibility would be to rent ALOT of points at one time.

I will provide this years information as an example.
June 5-13
Accomadations - Sudios (prob. any would work. I was thinking WLV, SSR, or AKL as possibilities.)
I would need points for 5 studios since I have my own points.
We could pay the entire cost at one time with a public school check so you know it would be good.

This year it would cost me 565 points for standard view studios at AKV. (If it would be possible, I would definately do it this year!)

I know it is not possible this year, but what do you think about next year? IS this idea crazy or do I just book like I always have through central reservations.


Guess you could call and find out. What would you charge the school per point?


Sent you a PM. I can come up with points for this June.


I am the trip sponsor and the teacher in charge of the school trip. I would like to rent the points for our group from someone or a combination if necessary. I do not have near enough of my own.

I would like to know if it would even be possible to rent that many. Sorry I should have explained it better.


I had a feeling Richard would be able to help. Have fun with your trip.