Crazy scientists in Epcot?


Last year in Epcot we were in France, pondering where we should make reservations for dinner. We were walking around talking about Escargot and I thought snails were insects, and this Bill Nye-ish guy, I didn’t catch his name, comes up in this corny patterned shirt and white jacket and tells us that snails are part of the Mollusca phylum. Later in the day during Illuminations we see him again and he asks us how our Helix Pomatia was. :laugh:

Has anyone ever encountered this guy?

I don’t think he was a guest… because I know when I’m at Epcot in 97+ weather, I’m not worrying about what phylum snails are in.


Was he still in France when you saw Illuminations?

I’m just trying to figure out how a CM like that would figure into World Showcase.


I’ve never seen him… But that was pretty cool how he remembered you later in the day…


I don’t know who he is, cuz I’ve never been to EPCOT, but I have encountered geeky guys at WDW before! (Cavey!)


No, he wasn’t, we were just outside WS, in the pathway of that old vacant restaurant, not sure of the name.


You know, no one put a gun to your head a made you come to my campsite. :tongue:

I could see this geeky guy being outside the Imagination Pavilion if he were a CM, but France?


Yeah, I’d expect him to be there also, but he was alone and he wasn’t just strolling through France… more like he was going somewhere.


Well, a guy like this wouldn’t be out of place in France. You’d be surprised how many…how should I put it…ODD folks I encountered in Paris… :laugh:

I think it’s cool they’re adding some of the “streetmosphere” folks at Epcot like they have at MGM.


I loved every minute of visiting with you :wub: