Crazy to switch hotels?


Going in early June with DD6 for 7 nights. Thinking of switching hotels to correspond with the parks we plan to visit. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Arrive late Thurs. nite (9:30 PM at MCO) and stay at AKL for 2 nites (spending Fri. at AK)
Spend Sat - Tues at Beach Club to enjoy Epcot, HS, and lots of swimming at Storm Along Bay in the afternoons.
Tues. nite until departure on Thurs - stay at WL to enjoy easy boat to MK for last two days.

This also helps defray the costs as AKL and WL are less expensive than BC. Since it’s just the two of us, there’s not much to pack up. Am I kidding myself? Will bell services get the bags out of the room or do we need to take our bags to bell services? How long do they take to get between resorts? We won’t have a car.



I don’t mind one more during our trip but three might be too much for me during a week long trip. We like to unpack and move in to the room and we couldn’t do that if we were changing rooms every few days.

When you are ready to head out on the morning you’re changing resorts you can call bell services and they will come up and tag your bags and take them to transfer for you. We were told they don’t start moving bags from one resort to another until about 3 pm.

The one (small) problem I have with changing resorts is being ‘homeless’ until we can get in our room. Check in after 3 pm and even then your room doesn’t have to be ready to turn over to you at that time. However, we usually get lucky and have a room before 3 but we can’t count on it.


Depending on when the bus gets there you may not save any time. If you just miss the AK bus at AKL, you could wait another 20 Minutes. You could just catch the bus at Beach and be there sooner.

I’d pick something central and go from that. Anything at the boardwalk is pretty swift to most places.


I think switching resorts can be pretty cool because you are experiencing the different resorts in one trip. BUT that can be a lot in terms of effort and time during any given day. More than two resorts might be a bit much. After a while you might regret the moves because you never really get settled.


Honestly, I’d maybe do one move if it emjoying Stormalong Bay was a serious goal. But even the one move would be making me ask myself “What the heck are we doing?” To us, every minute at WDW is for play – we can barely stand to go to restaurants to eat because it means time away from park play or pool time!
Have you stayed at AKL before? Once you see that pool, you may wish to just stay there and not bother with Stormalong, anyway. AKL has a seriously great pool!


I could stomach one move. But 2 in that short a period would be a waste of time.


Thanks for the input. I was thinking two switches was too many. We may spend the first couple of nights at AKL to enjoy the animals and pool and then move to more centrally located Beach Club. This is the first stay we haven’t gotten a package so it’s really been our first opportunity to look at switching hotels! Thanks for the feedback!


Are you doing the dining plan? That could be a real pain in the behind if you have 3 dining plans also-they will not carry over. Just a thought.


I could do maybe 1 switch, but that’s too many for me. I’d hate to be constantly wondering if my room was ready, my bags arrived, etc. I’d probably go the “I pick 1 hotel and you can pick a hotel” route w/ dd. She might like that idea.


We had to switch once within our resort (POR) as the block was being refurbished and I found that a pain- I am with LLama, I like to unpack and forget it til its time to go home. But for the chance to experience two completely different resorts, I could do it- I think the choices you’ve made sound fabulous.


If you really want to do two different resorts, sure, but three is really pushing it for a lot of reasons.
I’d suggest splitting your entire visit between WL and AKL. This way you get the animals and Bay Lake.
If not, then either WL or AKL and Beach (or Yacht - there’s no real difference).


All that moving is going to be a big pain in the mouse…I would seriously just pick a central resort…you are going to spend more time packing up,moving, checking in and check out than seeing parks.


Crazy? Oh, yeah.

Switch because you want to stay at different resorts for a reason like the pool, not the park.

If you plan you trip for parks, what happens if the days you stay at MK resort and you get into MK and it’s packed - a 60 minute wait for IASW? Are you really going to stay at MK or are you heading for other parks in search of smaller lines?


Good point - thought it sounded crazy too - a friend had suggested and I wanted to run in up the proverbial flagpole! We are going to spend first 2 nights at AKL and remainder (5 nights) at Beach Club. This allows us to stay an extra 2 days (savings on flight and less expensive hotel room for 2 nights).


PERFECT! I love this plan. :happy:


We made a switch when our family was at WDW in October. We went from the POF to the Poly. We ended up wanting to add a few days onto our Land and Sea package, and Poly was booked.

We had an amazing vacation, but the switch is the one thing that dampened it. You have to set aside time to pack and unpack, and take time to check in at your new location. Although Disney Cast Members were all great during check in the process still takes a bit of time, and heaven for bid there is a line at the check in counter!

My advice would be to go with the hotel you would like to spend the most time at, and you find is most centrally located to the parks you want to see. The AKL is quite removed from everything.