Creating A Disney Blog Of My Own!



So, the title pretttty much says it all. But I’ll explain further. I think must of your are aware (or maybe not, I am semi-new and all) that I want nothing more then to work in WDW.

I have plans of doing the WDW College Program, but considering I’m only turning 17 this year, I have to wait until next year. But I am doing anything possible this year, to feel involved, and prepared for achieving this dream. I couldn’t imagine that by practically this time next year I could be making millions of people’s dreams come true! To me that is just fantastic!

But anyways… haha. Back to the blog. I will be blogging about all my Disney ambitions and such through out this year, and then following while I’m applying for the WDWCP, and then hopefully while I’m in it! :] But in the mean time, I will be connecting it with a youtube account of mine, that will have videos of me doing things to prepare for auditions next year. Such as dance routines, practicing accents, and doing some scene re-enactments from Disney movies for practice! This will directly be a supplement to my blog.

I also intend on maybe doing some dance classes, and maybe an acting workshop or something.

Acting and entertaining have always been my dream, but I had never followed through on it until now! :]

And I’m very excited! So hopefully this is something fun for you guys as well! Something you can read and enjoy, or watch!

So what do you guys think?

I’ll be posting my youtube and livejournal accounts at a later time, I just want to have a video and a journal up before I post those! :] :wub:


This sounds like a great idea! Good luck to you! :happy:


This sounds great!! It will be interesting to watch you achieve your dream! Good luck!


sounds wonderful Stacey…hey look at your countdown!! so close soooooo close!!


This sounds wonderful. We can all watch as it happens and be there to encourage you along the way. Can’t wait to see it.


Sounds exciting! I look forward to hearing more.


Sounds like a good idea.

I am sure all of your disney dreams will come true!



Good luck to you, sounds awesome!