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Jeez, where do I begin?!

Well, first off, I am ECCTATIC that a website such as this exists.

On with the news!

I would hope that all of you know that Disney just bought the Muppets!
Check 'em out!

If there is ANYONE out there in marketing at Disney (or has a link to someone therein), I think the following information might possibly be useful?

It’s a part of an e-mail that I sent to

I think we all want what’s best for the company, where the whole Roy/Eisner battle is concerned, no?

In any case :

[ Please understand, the last thing that I would like to do is waste anyone’s time, and it is greatly appreciated that this is being read.

While I am not necessarily an artist, or a businessman with a number of years of experience with any particular large studio, or production company, I am a very creative soul who believes in the Disney dream whole-heartedly, and want nothing but the best for what there is to work with. I have read many books such as “Walt Disney Imagineering – A Behind the Dreams Look at Making the Magic Real”, “The Imagineering Way”, “Designing Disney”, etc… *As well, I am a former cast member, with experience in four different departments, all in guest service, and a Cal Arts alumni. Through these experiences, I have learned much, and am continuing on at a place that I feel right in – the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, in graphic design specifically. You may know of the wonderful ties this school enjoys with

Like the rest of everyone at, I am particularly un-happy with how Disney has been going
downhill – fast. Things such as the recent Big Thunder Mountain incident certainly isn’t helping

While, I, unfortunately, don’t have a model to prove that the following ideas work, I think everyone is
kind of at the point of “Well, what do we have to lose?” I am in full understanding of the Walt Disney Company’s policy of submitting un-solicited material.
It is my hope that, maybe, with the right amount of pixie dust, through this venue, my somewhat meager
ideas will at least be thought about.

I propose that what Disney needs, first, and foremost,
being too presumptuous in saying that this is a no brainer?

In addition, is it not true that the best brands come from good, creative films, that will filter their wayin to the theme parks, stores, and every other long standing contract that the company has with major
enterprise? Why has the essential synergistic link been lost? Let’s take a wonderful brand that seems to be doing the company some good – The Nightmare Before Christmas. What if (and I am talking
billboard/radio/T.V./newspaper ads to go along with this) – and I know how opposed Walt was to this, but, in this case, it might be necessary – there was a film made about Oogie Boogie, and where he came from? He’s an interesting character, and has a certain heart about him.

Now, for synergy tie-ins… What if
something in this story happened where, in some kind of an interesting scene, we are inspecting how Oogie Boogie was created. The doctor (Finklestein, for all we know?) inspects a special worm! Mattel releases
such worms to the public, in the form of a plush. But wait! This plush has a zipper on it! You reach inside, and pull out a note. What does it say on the note?
Some kind of interesting information about the story that one wouldn’t be able to find out any other way!
See, through story, you can do MUCH! The possibilities are endless. This kind of interactivity doesn’t have to stop at your local “Toys R Us”,
either. This idea of having people dress up in tu-tus, and parading around in a cute parade at a theme park is o.k., for mild interactivity. What if you fought the dragon, instead of merely watched?!
What if you went on your own adventure? With such fantastic computer technology (Macromedia Director,
for example) at the helm, I feel that society might be moving beyond a mere passive theme park/entertainment
experience. Why not have Disney lead the way?! After all, you do have the most resources to pull something
like this off, no? The point being, if the next level, as it were, were to do something like this, and
have it be INCREDIBLY creative (the anti-thesis of Brother Bear…?), wouldn’t you garner a new audience, while keeping the old? Wouldn’t this bring back excitement? Wouldn’t people be participating more, thusly, bringing more money in to the company,and potentially raising shareholder value? I am talking about doing something different than Disney Quest here. Once again, while slightly interactive,
you aren’t really going on “your own adventure”. If managed properly, and synergistically done right (potentially leaving out traces of the modern/hip that Disney is desperately attempting to do, and leaving
out all ideas of the short term), than, couldn’t something amazing start?

Well, I feel that this kind of entertainment is the next wave, in any case, and am making it my life’s goal to see it through. The possibilities are endless. We just need someone as CEO who actually
cares about animation, magic, and the guest experience. I mean, how long does one actually intend to keep guest’s interest with something like
Fantasmic! (however brilliant, and beautiful) running
for over 10, is it going on 15 years now? While playing in two parks?

I strongly believe that diversification is key. Good, clear, clever story ideas could easily drive a rich marketing experience.

In any case, once again, thank
you for your time in
reading this. ]

It is my sincere hope that some of this makes some kind of difference.

In any case, I wish everyone at Disney Central all the best, and it would be great to hear other people’s thoughts!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, ideas and your letter. I hope you like it here on DC. Welcome!


No problem! It’s a pleasure! I just hope that anyone and everyone might reply to some of my marketing ideas, and such.

A real treat would be for Cast Members, and those that can make a difference in the Company, to reply, and give some educated responses.

Good luck, everyone out there!