Credit card deposits on DDP?


Can you tell me…If you are on the DDP when it comes to places such as CRT and Mickey’s BBQ and the like, what happens with booking ADR’s? This year we paid for them when we booked them with our Credit cards. But if we are on the DDP next time, how do we go about that? Do they just take a credit card for security but not charge it and just take your credits pp?
I am confused on this one so info is appreciated.


Your meals are “attached” to your room key (card). All person’s staying in the same room have their meals pooled so 3 people X 7 days = 21 TS and 21 CS meals. Only one room key is needed to deduct the meals for your party at the restaurant since they’re pooled. Last year I didn’t need to use a credit card to book an ADR. They just look up your reservation.


I don’t remember the details but I had to give my credit card info as a hold but wasn’t charged because we payed with our dining credits.


The credit card number is merely held as a deposit and is discarded when you dine there. It is totally seperate from your room account, but for peace of mind, ask when you arrive at the restaurant. I’ve never had a problem.


I was on the DDP when I booked my reservations for Akershus this past August and they still took a credit card number and said they’d charge $25 if I cancelled within 24 hours of the ADR. I asked the person taking the reservation why I needed the credit card if I was on the DDP and they said they were taking it because the restaurant was so popular. With that’d said I’d imagine CRT would do something similiar even if you plan on paying with your DDP credits.