Credit Card on KTTW Cards


Can they put my credit card on my room key and my friend’s card on her room key?


Oh thats an interesting question- my first instinct is to say I can’t see why not- as long as a card is charging to that room it doesnt really matter to Disney- I would ask at check in if thats possible- I’d be interested to know what is said.


I don’t see why that wouldn’t be possible. If I had 2 rooms, one for the boys and one for DH and I and I chose to give the boys charging privileges, then they would have to accept my card, right?
Besides, when you check in, they ask which keys have charging privileges and which are not :smile:


If these are two different rooms, I believe yes and with little or no problem.
If you are both in the same room, I’m not so sure that you can. You might have a problem separating the charges as they are both keyed to the same account.


I have to agree with SG. If you are in the same room, I have heard you can only tie the cards to one credit card at a time.


In 2004 we had four cabins for 20 people. Our cabin had no one using the key room charging privilege so a family member staying in another cabin tied her charge card to our cabin so her DS could have charge privileges. The other folks in her cabin already tied their credit card to the that key. So in short, our experience was Disney will not tie two different credit cards to a single room.


Oh ok I guess the reasons make good sense.


We would love to be able to tie 2 credit cards on one room but we’ve been told one card per room. We usually have 8 people in a two bedroom and have to put it one one card and work out the details with each other.

It’s really pretty easy to manage it. Each card has a number on it, go to guest services and get a print out of your charges before your last day, go through and match each number with each person and add up what each person owes. Then go back to GS and have them charge a certain amount to each different card and you’re done.

Be careful, a couple of years ago I had GS charge a certain amount to my credit card (my friend’s card was the one we left at check in) to take care our part of the charges. After we got home I noticed that my friend’s charges were also charged to my card because after we used my card it was the card on file since it was the last one used. We just assumed that the card left at check in would be the one charged to at the end but it wasn’t. I was lucky and my friend is a true friend and paid me her part of the charges.


Thanks everyone. Those reasons do make since. Jen and I will have to figure out what we want to do.


oh boy, I should learn how to read. I completely misread your first post. Like my doctor said to me today “you are receiving the dork of the year award” :redface:


Brandon, it makes better sense to just have your credit card in the parks with you instead of putting it on the room key. They will not tie the two cards on one room and you won’t be left itemizing the bills later. If you really don’t want to have your credit cards on you, Disney teachers’ idea seems the most logical.


Dana, I totally agree with you. That way everyone is responsible for their own charges.


It’s not well-known, but you absolutely CAN have 2 separate room charge accounts in a single room.

When you check-in (or at any other time), tell the front desk CM that you want to set up a “share.” You must use the word “share.” The CM might not know what you’re talking about … ask the CM to consult the front desk manual or ask a lead for assistance. It can be done and is done all of the time.

In addition, a credit card is not required to set up a room charge. You can also use a debit card (as long as it’s VISA or Mastercard branded), cash, travelers checks, Disney Dollars, or Disney gift card(s) to back up a room charge account.

But like I said, you can have 2 separate room charge accounts in one room. You just have to know what you’re asking for.


We tried this last year and were told they could only do 1 CC/room as they would not be able to break the charges.


Like I said, many CMs don’t realize it can be done. You can ask them to check with a lead.

I had something similar (different subject) happen on each of my last 2 trips. Each time, I stayed at a Moderate resort (CBR first, POFQ next). At a Moderate. the maximum room charge you can set up is for $1,000. I don’t want that high a limit. Each time, I asked at check-in to set up a room charge with a $750 or $800 limit. Each time, the front desk CM told me that it can’t be done, that if I want a room charge it must be set with a $1,000. Each time, I politely asked the CM to check with a lead. Each time, the CM went into the back office and came out soon afterward and set up my lower-limit room charge.

One of the great advantages of a message board such as this is learning Disney’s policies and procedures and knowing how to ask for something even if some CMs don’t know the full and complete policies and procedures.