Credit Card Question


When I check in at Wilderness they ask for a credit card to make purchase’s or food while I’m there. My question is the night before we check out can I go pay the bill with Disney money or do I have to leave it on the credit card?

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No, you can go pay the bill before they charge your card. You are not forced to leave a card you know. I do not leave a CC,never have, never will. You just won’t be able to charge to you room.


As Dana said, you can either leave a card or not. We always do, it is nice to charge to the room, plus you can always go down and reveiw it to make sure everything is accurate (I once tipped a waiter $170. It was really $17, but he "accidentaly input it as $170). The night before you leave, stop by the front desk and you can pay with cash, travelers checks, Disney dollars or a Disney VISA rewards card.


Thank You Mickey!


:eek: :eek: :eek:

I’m triple-checking hotel charges from now on!



Cash is your best friend. What I usually do is just put everything on my credit union card and pay it off immediately when I come back. Losing a CC is no big deal, I have plenty of them, but losing your cash when you’re away just plain sucks.


I have never given them my CC but I have put cash on my room card so I can charge to my room. I also stop and get a print out of my charges a couple of times during my visit and keep checking it to be sure it is correct. :mickey:


I always use a CC and charge to my room simply because i loose EVERYTHIN at Disney World…and I feel unsafe walking around with a lot of cash