Credit cards accepted


Can anyone tell me what credit cards are accepted at the theme parks and the resorts? Just making sure before I go!


We used both visa and mastercard with no problem.


Yep here is a whole list of credit cards and other forms of payments accepted…

Disney World Forms of Payment, Disney Visa


Thanks guys!!!


I also used both mastercard and visa


I use American Express a lot. I wish they would go back to having all the rewards they had years ago, before the Disney Visa.


Since DH is a VISA employee I like the VISA thing… We have our Disney VISA and we put EVERYTHING on it, pay it off at the end of the month, & usually have anywhere from $150-$200 in rewards dollars to spend every 6 months when we do a trip. GREAT rewards for us. There are even a few discounts available at stores/restaurants/tours. I love it!


They will take your first born.:laugh: :laugh: They will take anything.


I was gonna say that!:laugh: :laugh:


I have used Visa, Mastercard and Amex in the parks. All with no problems…well no problems that is unless you include the nightmare amount I spent on each one! :laugh:


I was making sure that Mastercard was accepted because I ordered a Mastercard Green to use on this vacation. I thought it would be the best way to keep from spending toooooo much and not have to carry cash!


I used my American Express on the last trip.


I have used Visa & Mastercard and American Express.


They’ll also take Discover


Do they accept them at the counter service places?


Counter service…yes. Carts…no.


Thanks, I never thought about the carts.