Credit usage with Pizza at Via Napoli


Sandy and i got a ressie for Via Napoli for 7pm on our first night, Sept 24th. I see they have a personal, larger and MEGA size pizza. I thought i read somewhere that if we got one MEGA pizza we would both have a TS credit deducted. Could i get a MEGA pizza for myself and Sandy grab a pasta dish? Is any size pizza a TS credit or does it have to be a personal size? I wanted to get the big pizza and take it back for leftovers, but i thought i read somewhere you can only get a personal for 1 credit or share a large pizza for 2 credits. (1 per person at the table).

Could a 4 person party each order the largest size pizza?


We’ll be on the DDP in Oct., we have a ressie and can’t wait to try this restaurant.


I honestly don’t know, but experience tells me that a pizza from the Boardwalk pizza window or from any of the food court pizza windows costs 2 dining plan TS credits, regardless of how many people are eating. So, I’m guessing it would be logical to assume that the personal is one credit and the XL size is two credits.
But opinion and fact aren’t always the same thing.


We were there 2 weeks ago. You can get the small pizza (I guess it’s personal size, but it seemed quite a bit bigger than that to me) for one credit, the medium pizza for 2 credits and the large pizza for 3 credits. If your wife gets pasta I highly recommend the lasagna verde–AHH-MAZING!