Credit/debit cards for dining reservations


Hi. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem. I am trying to use my td bank debit card to make dining reservations on line. Every time I try it comes back card declined. I have called td bank 4 times today and have been told 4 different answers and they have done 4 different things to my accountant they always say this will work. We’ll it hasn’t work and I’m very upset because I have missed out on getting some of the places we want because of this. The most recent answer I just got from them is that they will take the security hold off of my card for 24 hours because they stated that since disney isn’t charging my card for any purchase amount and anything of $1 or under is automatically considered fraud. I don’t want to take the security off my card just in case so I told them no. Has anyone had this issue and/or have any ideas on what I might be able to do. Thanks so much everyone in advance.


Have you actually talked with the CMs at Disney? The rules say a credit card is required–a debit card is processed differently so that may be why it’s not going through. I think that Disney would say debit/credit card is required if they would accept a debit card processing…I would call Disney reservations. Just my thoughts… Good luck.

Edited…I added this because maybe I read the rules wrong before I made our ADRs in Feb. Does it specifically say credit OR debit card? In either case I would call to talk to someone about it not just keep trying online…


The Disney site just says credit card… I really didnt think that there was a difference when you did this on line. Funny thing is the one time that I talk to the bank (I think my 3rd call lol) theu said that they were changing my account to make everything a “credit” charge instead of debit charge and that was supposed to work. I will def call a Disney Dining when they open today and see if they know why & also if they can make the reservation for me with no problems. Thanks


Hopefully there is a simple solution! :blush:


I would never use a debit card for any on line transactions.
That’s like a back door to your checking account.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1919093073]I would never use a debit card for any on line transactions.
That’s like a back door to your checking account.[/QUOTE]

I’ve heard this before so I have never used my debit card for anything online.


Nope—me either—however some people do not own a credit card for whatever reason… :slight_smile:


The sad thing here is that today, even if you don’t want one or feel you need one, it has become a necessity to have at least one credit card, even if you pay back every penny within 30 days of purchase.


Yes that’s very true…it’s almost a requirement now…


Well TD Bank still has no clue why it keeps rejecting my card… TD Bank blames disney and or Visa depending upon who you talk to & the last person from TD Bank basically said “I guess you aren’t booking your dining reservations”… Visa blames TD Bank… And Disney (who was the most helpful) said they had no clue why however they were going to ref the prob to their IT people and TD Bank to see what is going on. Now here is the funny thing… If I call Disney Dining Reservations and use the same card it goes threw right away no problem… So once I find something on line then I have to call on the phone. Not a big deal but I just wish someone had a clue. Thanks for all the help everyone…