Crib at Poly


Ok so I just called WDW Reservations to make sure I requested a crib for my nephew. The lady told me that a crib is standard at the Poly and it is located in the closet. I assume this is a “pack n play” type thing.

On allears they state that we need to contact housekeeping on arrival and they will bring us one.

My question…

Is there a pack n play in the closed and we can get an actual crib when we arrive? Should I call the hotel directly?



I would love to call the Poly my Crib…oh wait that isn’t what you meant.


I think there was a pack n play in our closet at AKL…maybe it is a standard at Deluxe resorts.


I am 95% certain you’re right.


There was one in the closet at AKL and at WL!


I went through something similar when I went in 08’. Wed are DVC so the pack and play is standard, but I wanted a crib if they had one. We requested before we arrived and they said there were “No Guarantees” but they would do their best to accomodate. When we arrived I made sure to ask for it again and they had housekeeping bring it up.

They did and it was hard metal all around. It seemed cold and uninviting. I decided against it and used the pack and play. I did make sure I tipped Housekeeping for their efforts.


This is what they gave us at the Polynesian


the pack n play is what comes in the room. But, the crib isn’t much bigger, it is a small crib.


There was def. a pack n play in the closet at the Poly when we stayed there. :slight_smile:


I don’t need a crib at the Poly, but I wouldn’t mind having the Poly as my crib:laugh:


We’ve had a PnP in the CR and WL along with any 1-2br DVC on recent trips. But I would still have it on the ressie, just in case.