Cribs at the Poly


Does anyone know what kind of cribs are in the resorts, particularly in the Poly? My cousin (who is not the best/most accurate source of information) said that when she stayed there a few months ago, she got regular size crib, but was just a little dissapointed that it had metal bars, and didn’t seem too cozy. She also told me to bring my own crib sheet because they don’t have fitted crib sheets in the resorts, they just fold a regular bed sheet and tuck it in to cover the crib mattress. However, when I called today to put a crib request on my reservation, the CM said they only have pack and plays, not a crib. I know beggars can’t be choosers, but I would really prefer to have a regular crib and crib mattress, not a pack and play with a thin little cardboard mat on the bottom.


I know that SSR had a pack and play in the closet- do not know if you can request a regular crib. Sorry, that was no help!!:laugh:


I haven’t stayed at the Poly but all the resorts we have stayed at have pack and plays in the closet with a sheet on top of it. I don’t have the info on it but there are a couple of places near WDW that rent baby stuff if you are interested in that.


I stayed at the Poly and I got a Pack and Play. That was almost 5 years ago, though.


This is that the crib looked like at the Polynesian.

For more room photos and photos of the bed rails go to the link