Will be in the GF in Oct. and will be requesting a crib for our 18 month old at that time. Any idea of the quality of the crib you get. Was thinking of the bed rails also. Thanks


Just throw a pillow and blanket on the floor for the little tike and you don’t have to worry about any falls from the bed.:eek:

JUST KIDDING!!!:laugh:

Our last Delux stay was not at the GF, but there was a pack and play in the WL on our last stay there. I would call the front desk and ask just to make sure there is one in the room for your arrival.


Cribs at WDW are fine as far as I know, but request and not guaranteed. They only guarantee a pack n play. I would rent one from an outside company to make sure I got it. Those pack n plays are kinda gross to me.


We’ll be at BCV next week with our daughter who is 22 mo. I’m going to pack her side rail in my suitcase. It fits perfectly on top of all my clothes.
I agree with Dana, the pack and plays are :blow: gross!
I can’t see them cleaning them properly after every use.


Years ago Disney had a crib that was available for rooms, however, as far as I am aware, they now only offer pack and plays. We always received them in good shape and clean, however I always washed them down myself before using. You can also get pack and play travel covers at specialty baby stores - it’s like a sheet that wraps around the pack and play so your baby never touches the actual unit.
Bring your own bedding, Disney crib bedding is sparce, sometimes not offered, and we found to not be enough to keep a little one warm in an air conditioned room (we also felt it helps a little one sleep better to have blankets that smell like home).
Disney does offer bed rails, which would make for a more comfortable sleep if your child is okay with being in a bed. Pack and Plays are very hard and uncomfortable.


Thanks everyone, looks like will use the bed rails or rent a crib from the people we plan on renting the stroller from. Pillows on the the floor doesn’t sound that bad, well maybe. Those pack and play are a big no, bet they are real clean ! Thank you again, more planning to do