My wife just told me she wants to drive down thru Alabama instead of Georgia…MY ITINERARY IS IN SHAMBLES!!!


Why??? Wants to do some sightseeing?


oh come on…Georgia is not that bad except for the rush hour which lasts all day and night in Atlanta (not really). If your wife is avoiding this- she is genius. I can understand why you would want to avoid it… but as long as you don’t hit Atlanta between 7-10 am and 3-7pm (northbound) you should be fine. The traffic here is one of the worst in the country…
Good luck with the itinerary!!!


We go down about every year. She just wants to see something different on the trip.Fortunately no Disney plans have changed.


oh yeah- I used to live in Birmingham too and some days it was not much better! However, Atlanta’s rush hour might cover more miles and last for a longer period of time. If you do decide to go through Atlanta, don’t take the bypass- stay straight on I-75 and go straight through downtown…


I would go through Atlanta so I could stop in Macon at the “Fresh Air” Bar-B-Q restaurant. That alone is reason enough to go through Atlanta.


The only thing I’ve ever seen off the side of the road in Alabama are endless road signs about hellfire & ****ation. Then again, I was going through Alabama east/west. Perhaps the north/south roads have different scenery. :angel:


DANG! I just talked my family out of driving but the plans were to stop in Macon. Now you tell me there is good BBQ - I have guilt and remorse.

But 2.5 hour flight vs. 16 hour drive. I’ll get over it.


Nah, pretty much the same. (Seriously.)

I live right below AL and have to drive through it when we go to Michigan, and well, just about anywhere west or north, and sometimes east. If you like seeing farmland and livestock roadside, then it’s good. Otherwise, boring! But it beats ATL traffic.


I’ve only driven through Georgia, not Alabama, but look at it this way…

Maybe she will be SAVING you time and you’ll get to WDW earlier!!!

When I was younger and we would drive the RV down to Fort Wilderness my Grandma would get SO upset when my Grandpa would take these weird “short cuts” and round-abouts, but I am glad she listened b/c we always seemed to arrive early.

Take your time and enjoy the ride!!!


Going through Alabama instead of Georgia will add hours of time and hundreds of miles to the trip.

Maybe you should remind DW that gas is around $2.28 a gallon.

Of course, on the upside, the office for the National Speleological Society is in Huntsville, AL. If you stop by, ask to see their library on the “Near Normal News.” I’m the Editor for that publication. :wink:


Surprisingly it is only 45 miles longer to go thru Alabama.Cavey thats pretty cool!!


Wait… what roads will you be taking through AL? Will you be coming down to the FL panhandle?


OK, so I still don’t know what roads you’re taking. You say going through AL, so I would assume that means I65 and then connecting to I10 east. If you plan to connect to I10 in Mobile, and go east from there… Don’t. That would mean crossing the I10 bridge in Pensacola. You don’t want to do that, trust me.

The bridge was heavily damaged during hurricane Ivan. It is currently still a temporary metal grade span (when you drive over it, you can literally feel it sway a little bit) and is only ONE lane. Traffic stays backed up - the average speed across the bridge is 5-10 mph, and you stay in traffic for at least an hour until you even see the bridge. Going this way will add at least an hour to your trip.

There’s a detour: From Interstate 10 east take Exit 5 (U.S. 90 Alternate) onto Nine Mile Road east. Nine Mile Road travels north of Pensacola to U.S. 90 (Scenic Highway) just west of the Escambia River. Continue from U.S. 90 Alternate east onto U.S. 90 east to junction Florida 281. At Florida 281 (Avalon Boulevard) in Pea Ridge, turn southward to rejoin Interstate 10 at Exit 22. Reverse the order for Interstate 10 westbound. This only shaves the waiting time off. Going westbound over the bridge - it’s fine.

My advice - go through Georgia.


I am at work, so i don’t have my map-I believe we are cutting the corner at Montgomery and going thru Dothan,then to Bainbridege then i believe its 27 to Tallahassee.But thanks for the heads up.


Hey aren’t you glad she doesn’t want to loop through Texas on your way??? Oh wait… how about checking out Oregon??? LOL!!!


The road from Montgomery to almost Tallahassee is one of the most boring roads in the US. I would go through Georgia (1) to avoid that section of road and (2) Georgia always has cheaper gas prices. If you time it right you can fill up at the top of the state and then again at the bottom of the state.

I lived in Montgomery, AL from 1996 to 1998 and since DW is a FSU grad we drove that road (I believe it is Hwy 231) many times. It is a small higway and even though it is two lanes each way, you are not on the interstate.


Way to go for your wife. Last January we were driving to Disney, and was suppose to go through Georgia. That was the day Georgia had a massive ice storm, and all roads were shut down. I called my Uncle who is a Truck driver in that area, and gave us a route through Alabama. We will now take that route always! No main cities, so never came across any rush hour or bad traffic. Just smooth sailing.


I spent a weekend in Alabama one afternoon. It isn’t a pretty story.