Crockett's tavern seating


I have enjoyed a pizza and a pitcher of beer here in the past. I just read that Trail’s end had stolen some of the tables. Does anyone know if there is still seating in the tavern for food, or is it simply a bar now…


I don’t even remember seeing a seating area besides the bar last time we were there in October. :pinch: It could have changed but I don’t remember seeing a big seating area.


I believe there are still tables and the bar area. Trails End tries to keep their tables upstairs. I have only seen them use the ones near the bar when it is super busy.


That’s a great question. The last 2 times we visited Trail’s End we were seated downstairs by the bar. I also saw someone eating at the bar, but I thought that was because he was alone.


See, that’s funny. The past two times we ate at Trail’s End they sat us down there. The restaurant wasn’t busy at ALL, we couldn’t understand it. Once we even ASKED if they could move us on the top tier 'cause we felt lonely. :laugh:


It is a lonely feeling. You feel removed from the rest of the guests. When we were seated there it was not busy either.