Crocs-I need opinions!


Ok guys, I know we have discussed this alot, but I need some opinons on Crocs. I am looking for something different to wear to the parks. I usually wear sneaks but it would be nice to have something a little cooler and easier to slip off to give the tootsies a little break every so often. I have been looking at the Croc off roads from the website. Any opinions? Plus, should I wear socks with them? I am not out there to make a fashion statement, just be comfortable and happy. Oh, and BTW, I do have a heel spur on one foot, anyone with any experience with this own Crocs? Sore feet and WDW do not a happy marriage make:pirate:


I LOVE crocs! We all wore them on our last trip! And we are commandos! We had some 16 hour days too!! I wear them with or without socks depending on how cold it is outside! I also had plantar faciatis(sp?) in my heel. And I had no problems at all!! I wear them almost everyday of the year! I own 6 pair and a pair of the flip flops too!! Crocs are awesome! I have been wearing them for two years!!

Hope that helps!!

Oh, if you wear them on a water ride take off the socks and your feet will dry automatically and then you can put socks back on!!:happy:


The only complaint I would have to make is that the sizing isn’t that great. If you are not a whole size, it is hard to find ones that fit well. And, if you have narrow feet, they are not for you.


how do they compare with Birkenstocks as far as comfort?


My wife and three older kids, 10, 8 & 8 love these. I have not worn them yet but they say they are very comfortable.


but how can you get past the “UGLY” part of them? Do you want that in your pics?


Don’t do it!


I agree woohoo, they are ugly, but the are also popular, so at least I won’t be by myself:cool:
I just would really like something,other than sneakers, that I can wear that are comfortable. I do like the idea that they dry easily, really good for Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids.
I am open to any other suggestions anyone may have, I don’t have to wear Crocs!!


I wore sneakers and crocs…

both comfortable… but I was more comfortable in my sneakers


Swore I wouldn’t be caught dead in them - then I tried them on. Now I wouldn’t be caught dead without them. I wore them during our whole trip this month - my feet have never been happier. And both my fashion-concious daughters succumbed too. Not a blister or sore foot amongst us.

I preferred wearing socks, but both dds wore them without.


I LOVE my Birkenstocks - and I wear them all the time - but I have to admit that the Crocs are even more comfortable than them…


Stay away from them… for the sake of fashion and looking back at pictures 10+ years from now. But if you must wear them, be prepared to have a number of people looking at your feet like :blink: and :pinch:.

I’ll never understand what’s wrong with sneaker slides. Comfort of a sneaker, but can slide off when you need a break. And if you wear proper socks (not the 5485137 pairs for $2 from Walmart, but good, breathable athletic socks), you shouldn’t have many issues.


so are crocs better then the airwalks?? (the fake crocs?) is there even a diff?


No one will look at your feet. I stopped counting when I got to 100 people wearing them at WDW this time. I felt a little self-conscious wearing them the first time - then I realized everyone had them on - at least mine were a classic khaki - most people were going for the bright colours. No one will look at your feet - I promise.

I’ve always worn running shoes at WDW - thought I’d never wear anything else - until the Crocs… (and buy the real thing - there is a difference).


I will. And I’ll be laughing at every single one of you.:tongue:

Chottsy - I’ve heard ppl complain about the Airwalks, saying they’re not as comfortable. But a lot of ppl buy them for kids to play in on a daily basis, but use the Crocs for when they have to walk a lot.

Personally, I think any shoe you can spray clean with a water hose needs to be banned.:laugh:


What’s a croc?:confused:


I bought a pair just for going to Disney…Day 2 of wearing them, I got a huge blister on the top of my foot. It made the rest of my trip very uncomfortable (not to mention I was pregnant and uncomfortable anyway!!) I haven’t worn them since.


And I won’t care - because my feet will be HAPPY!:tongue:


I was even thinking of getting them for me and DD for our upcoming trip!!! :ninja:
Like llama said, you cares what they look like as long as they are comfortable!!! I tend to wear my sneaks every day but I want to try these for like the water rides.

And who takes a pic of their feet anyways??? :laugh:

I just have to find a color I think is ok, maybe black, I like black!


Get some Dr. Scholes (sp?) sneakers. They are very comfortable, and you won’t be embarrased by your trip photos in 10 years (Other than your hairstyle, shirt, and pants).