Crossroads at Lake Buena Vista


I’ve never been, but thinking of heading over there this trip. I hear there’s a grocery store and a liquor store :happy:!!! What else is over there? Can I walk from DTD or should I take a taxi?


You could walk but it is not exactly a short walk, I am a poor judge of distance but I would guess 20-30minutes, I lived in Manhattan for awhile, so walking doesn’t bother me but depending on the time of year, it may not be the most pleasant walk, if your just looking to “check it out.” As far as the Grocery Store goes, it is a Goodings and it is very nice, but very expensive compared to other Florida Groceries such as Publix! There is a Sweet Tomatoes, and a couple of other places to eat, there used to be an Indian Joint in there and the food was awesome (if you like Indian food) and
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here you can check out some of the other things in there, but its nothing too spectacular! Hope that helps!


Pirate’s Cove Mini Golf, Putt Putt Golf, Adventure Golf, Miniature Golf - Florida - Lake Buena VistaThere is a mini golf game there as well it is with in walking distance from dowtown dsney about 30 - 35 mins


Thanks Cole & Peter Pan!


Before we stayed on property we used to stay at the Grosvenor Resort and we would walk every day down to the Crossroads and back again pushing DD in her buggy/stroller. Its quite a pleasant walk- depending on the weather, but there is that huge multi lane road at the bottom!. As others have said, there is the large supermarket and a few restaurants- TGI Fridays used to be there and a Perkins too. It doesn’t take long to walk round either.


Basically looking for a liquor store, to a grab a bottle of something for the evenings back at the resort. Can I purchase at Goodings? Know that supermarkets in the US are different than they are here in Canada (we have no liquor in ours, no beer either).


the liquor store is inside the grocery store and I believe you can buy liquor on sundays in orlando


Thanks Peterpan! Much appreciated.:happy: