Crowd calculator for crazy busy Good Friday?


We’ll be doing a park day before our cruise. Does anybody have access to the crowd calculator? Just for kicks I like to know which park it says is least busy that day (march 29)We know it will be crowded but that’s okay we’re just going to take it as it comes and soak up whatever magic we can get.


…it shows the least crowded is Epcot at 9.5, however all the others are 9.7 or 9.8… Busy day at WDW…According to their info…

Last summer, we used the calculator for the parks, and they were way off…I’m not going to put much faith in them again…


I will say I’m not too fond of being scheduled to work until 4am on that day :laugh:


I had never heard of the crowd calculator before… I try to go to the parks when they don’t have emh


Touring Plans said “I’d turn back now if I were you”.


Lol you know it’s bad when they go to tenths if a point to distinguish. I’ll be sure and report back on the craziness. Thanks!