Crowd Level for March


We were thinking about going over Spring break, March 22nd through March 28th. Does anyone have access to the crowd level rating???


I don’t have it at my fingers, but since you will be there Easter weekend, I would plan on a crowd. With some planning and some patience, it can be done.


I agree, since you are going over Easter weekend plan for big crowds.


Yes, March is a big crowd with lots of “Spring Breakers” but the weather is GREAT!! :happy:


Highest Attendance:
Presidents’ week in February
Mid March through Late April (“Spring Break”)
Memorial Day weekend
Mid June through Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day and weekend
Christmas week through New Year’s Day


We are doing March 16-22. We booked early and we got all of our ADR’s. I know airfare is expensive :blow: .

We did “Spring Break” a few years back and it was busy - but manageable. Hit the parks early, then bug out for the afternoon.


Make sure the cheerleaders aren’t having a ho-down.


Honestly, I do have to agree with you about avoiding that scenario, but with two Sons, 13 and 15 years old, I would imagine they would think that’s a plus!


Me Too…I’m arriving in time for Easter Sunday and leaving the following Saturday. Besides avoiding the parks during the afternoons, are there any other tips for newbies on how to handle the crowds?


My advice is to drink heavily.


Yes, don’t expect to do much. Be prepared to have long waits for all rides. In short, expect the worst and hope for the best. That’s about the best advice anyone can give for the heaviest of crowd periods like Christmas Week, Easter/Spring Break, and the end of June to 4th of July.


Wow, sounds horrible. Does anyone have a good time? Thank goodness we’ll be able to escape to our resort, SSR.:frown:


Yes, you can have a great time but just go in expecting huge crowds and long lines and you’ll have a great time. We just got back from a Christmas trip and the crowds were huge on Christmas eve and Christmas day but we had a great time and didn’t worry about how many rides we got in. Get to the parks early, like 30-60 minutes before they open and ride like crazy for the first 2 hours or so and then slow down and enjoy some of the other things the parks have to offer then head out about lunch time for a break.


Big Squeeze
chill out
stay in Disney and get maximum time (Magic Hours):wub:


That’s exactly the attitude we had when we went during Easter week three years ago. And because we expected the worst, it really wasn’t so bad! We always take a break in the afternoon and spend it chillin’ at the resort anyway. Our bodies and brains needed the break! I thought Christmas week last year was crazier than the Easter week.


Sure, people have good times. If we didn’t enjoy it, this wouldn’t be the third year going for New Year’s Eve. You just have to take everything with a huge dose of patience and understanding, and just be extra polite keep smiling .


We have never been in March for spring break or Easter, but we have been there 4 times over the Christmas / New Years time. We always go with no expectations. We go to enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy the decor. That way, anything we do (rides / shows / attractions) is a bonus (and yes, you can do them) just makes the trip more enjoyable.


Well I went for the first time in March, and although it was busy it was’t unbearable. I prefer to go a bit off/on season like the week before Thanksgiving through Thanksgiving. However, I am going back during Spring Break. Luckily my kids get out 3/14 so we are able to catch the last Pirate & Princess Party, which will at least allow us some freedom at MK. When we go when its crowded we have a system of getting our fast passes, and mapping out which rides are most important to us. Then we relax and catch a lot of the shows, do the character lunches, and catch the parades and fireworks…


Our Spring Break is earlier in the month. We’ll be arriving on March 9th and leaving on the 15th. Do you think the crowds will be just as bad!!:confused: